10 Dark Secrets of B.R. Ambedkar which were kept Secret from the World!


10 Dark Secrets of B.R. Ambedkar which No one will tell You

B.R. Ambedkar is held in high regards in the Indian Society. In the speech of US President, Barak Obama in the Indian Parliament in 2010, he referred Dalit leader Dr. B.R. Ambedkar as the great and revered Human Rights champion and main author of India’s constitution. Ambedkar was also awarded Bharat Ratna posthumously for his contributions in 1990.

But do you know that B.R. Ambedkar has some shocking dark secrets that are never talked of. Do you know that he was infamous for his anti-congress comments and dislike for Gandhiji?

So, here are 10 Dark Secrets of B.R. Ambedkar that no one will ever tell you.

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