10 Mind Blowing Facts About Indian Constitution


10 Simply Awesome Facts about Indian Constitution

Indian Constitution has a very interesting History behind it. Do you know, B.R. Ambedkar actually did not made the constitution. He was the head of Drafting Committee of the Constitution. Originally, there were 15 such committees!

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So, here are some facts about Indian Constitution that will blow you away!

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  1. Our Constitution was prepared on Vision of our fore fathers and most of was from Govt. of India Act, 1935 and some part was taken from other countries based on “our requirement” and from their experiences. Because in this modern era, we don’t start from re-inventing the wheel, its always better to learn from other experiences.
    While mentioning the other countries names, South africa is also written mistakenly as we cannot take something from their constitution because they got it for themselves in 1993.
    Finally, our’s is the lengthiest constitution when compared to other countries especially with USA but their country has [1(USA)+50(Individual states)] total 51 constitutions.