A New Career Boom in Advertisement, Check Out Courses & Colleges Options

A New Career Boom in Advertisement, Check Out Courses & Colleges Options
A New Career Boom in Advertisement, Check Out Courses & Colleges Options

Advertisement industry has witnessed a rapid growth in past decade. It has seen a keen interest of people making career in advertising. Though, there is a myth that has spread around the corner that only creative people can enter into this industry, but that is not true. In fact, advertising or promotion requires a lot of insight, strategy and research, so one can call it multidimensional. It has become an important field of employment and profession.

In our day-to-day we come across thousands of advertisement while reading newspaper, watching TV, scrolling internet or listening radio. Thus, this industry has become a need and necessity of one’s life and society. It is the biggest reason that advertising has given a huge job opportunity for youth from digital to printing, on-roll to freelancing. So, here we are telling some of the major fields in advertising industry and courses available for students:

Advertiser: Advertiser includes manufacturers, distributors, public sector and private sector advertising departments. He is responsible for interacting with media and the agency. His duty is to take part in campaign and media planning, giving briefing to the Accounts Executive of the advertising agency and to maintain press released and PR functions.

Advertising Agencies: Advertising agency is prepared by the team of experts appointed by clients to plan, produce and place advertising campaigns in the media. These agencies are established in local, regional, national and global level.

An advertising agency comprises of following people:

  • Advertising Account Executive: He is the most important person of advertising agency. He maintains of client and the advertising agency. He is explained by the marketing or sales department of the client.
  • Copywriters: Copywriters are the person who does the writing portion of the advertisement. A creative, imaginative person who has excellent writing skills is perfect for this position. A successful advertising campaign is totally depends upon the sense of good business and understanding of copywriters.
  • Visualisers: The work of visualiser is to create visualization of the thing what has been written by the copywriter on the paper.
  • Creative Director: He is the person who coordinates with copywriting and designing. He is a senior professional who is seasoned in an existing advertising agency set-up to take up this mantle.
  • Media Planner: His work is to allocate advertising budget amongst media. It is his work to select the media platform to advertise his product or service. The media planner decides the frequency, position and size of the advertisement.

The Media: Media is the career or platform available to promote product or service to its prospective candidates.

Ancillary Services: These services include studio service, photographic service, printing service, gift item etc. which are needed to produce or create advertisement.

Free-Lancers: These are the people who work independently and have good record in making advertisements. These people can by anything like copywriters, jingle singers, radio announcers, artists, visualisers, technical writers etc.

Courses and Institutes where you can study:

  1. BA in Advertising, Sales Promotion and Sales Management (ASPSM)
  2. Mudra Institute of Communications (MICA), Shela, Ahmedabad
  3. Indian Institute Of Mass Communication (IIMC)
  4. Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies
  5. Xavier’s Institute of Communication
  6. Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication, Pune

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