Answer Key is the combination of two words Answer and Key. Answer means a solution to a problem or dilemma and Key is the small piece of shaped metal which is use to unlock the closed door. Collectively, answer key is refers to that kind of key which unlock all the answer of its question paper. Whether it is Arrange-Objects, Matching, Fill in the Blank, Order Objects, Multiple-Choice, or any other question paper, Answer Key will display the answer. Almost all organization release the Answer key after the examination gets over. Nuakri Nama provides you Answer Key/Solved Paper for government exams, banks, railway and all other exams. You will get all the Latest updates about the Answer key & solved paper for various government exams & entrance exams like railway, banks, SSC, UPSC, State government, central PSU’s, engineering, medical, law etc. in Naukri Nama. And here you can easily download it.