Budget cut for 134 colleges of Bihar fixed, not yet sent annual report to education department


The 134 adopted colleges in Bihar have not reported the annual action plan for the new financial year to the Education Department. Whereas, colleges had to submit a report by 10 January. Due to this, the department is having trouble in deciding the next budget for higher education. The department has decided that if the report is not received by January 16, the amount given to the respective colleges will be cut by 50 percent in the upcoming budget. Actually, it is mandatory for principals to plan annually. It is necessary to say that what steps will be taken in the direction of educational improvement and development in colleges throughout the year?

Colleges also have to discuss the preparation of NAC assessment in the Annual Plan.

Compulsory planning for colleges annually

According to the Department of Education, the National Higher Education Campaign (RUSA) has made annual planning mandatory for every college. In the light of this, all the affiliated colleges have been directed to make an annual plan. In this case, there has been improvement in the planning of the colleges organized in the last three years, but most colleges have not fullymet the norms set by RUSA. That is why once again the principals have been asked to ensure compliance with the norms set by RUSA. Colleges will get help on the basis of annual plan, but its accountability will also be fixed.

During the transition period of Corona, information was sought from the department on several points besides online studies in colleges. Principals were asked whether you use digital boards? How many such boards are there in the institute? How many LCD projectors are being used? How many online lectures prepared by UGC were shown? How long have you been using this technique? Also, how many students and teachers have benefited from this. What is the progress regarding the Self Study Report?


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