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Vaccination is commencing in 136 private hospitals from today. But everyone taking the vaccine in private will have to pay 250 rupees for every dose. Healthcare workers and frontline workers were being vaccinated free of cost not only in government hospitals, but also in private hospitals. But now they have to pay the price of every dose of vaccine in private hospitals. From today the free vaccination of healthcare workers and frontline workers has ceased.

Parthasarathy Goswami, the head doctor of medical services at Manipal Hospital, said that from today, they will take the money for every vaccination. He said that in the meeting held on Sunday, the price of each dose in private hospitals has been fixed at Rs 250, whoever takes the vaccine here, they will have to pay this price. He said that if Manipal also has doctors or nurses, if he comes to take the vaccine, then he will have to pay. Not only this, he also said that now he will also have to be registered through the Kovin app, only then his number will come. They will not get the vaccine without registration.

Dr. Ashish Chaudhary, director of Aakash Hospital, said that from Monday, everyone will have to pay for the vaccine. Now the vaccine is not free for anyone. He said that there will be fresh appointment and everyone will have to get vaccinated through Kovin only. So now, whether a doctor or a nurse, everyone needs to be registered through the Kovin app. Under the new rule, if a healthcare worker or frontline worker has taken the first dose then they will not get the second dose for free, they will now have to pay the price of the second dose.

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