Latest Kerala Government Jobs Digest

Naukri Nama opens its gates to refine, short list and apply for the relevant government jobs in Kerala and various other parts of the country. Not only does it assemble all the jobs in one place but also aids you to gather all the information like forms, admit cards, results and cut-offs from there only.

TitleTotal PostsSalaryLast DateStateCityLocationDesignation
SCTIMST TVM Recruitment 2019 for Project AssistantAnywhere in IndiaAnywhere in IndiaAnywhere in India2019-10-11 16:12:13
SCTIMST TVM Senior Project Engineer RecruitmentAnywhere in IndiaAnywhere in IndiaAnywhere in India2019-08-20 17:49:21
SCTIMST TVM General Apprentice Recruitment 2019Anywhere in IndiaAnywhere in IndiaAnywhere in India2019-08-12 17:44:19
University of Kerala Kariavattom Computer Technician Vacancy 2019121000September 5, 2019KeralaKariavattom KariavattomComputer Technician2019-08-05 15:34:05
DDD Thiruvananthapuram Electrician Recruitment 2019115000August 2, 2019KeralaThiruvananthapuramThiruvananthapuramElectrician2019-08-01 17:54:51
SCTIMST TVM Speech Therapist Recruitment 2019Anywhere in IndiaAnywhere in IndiaAnywhere in India2019-07-24 17:57:35
BU Trichy Research Associate Recruitment125000July 22, 2019KeralaTrichyTrichyResearch Associate2019-07-16 15:42:49
NHM Kerala Anesthetists Recruitment 20191July 20, 2019KeralaKozhikodeKozhikodeAnesthetists2019-07-16 15:01:42
VSSC Junior Research Fellow And Research Associate Recruitment 20192031000 - 51000July 30, 2019KeralaTiruvantpuramTiruvantpuramJunior Research Fellow, Research Associate2019-07-16 13:29:07
KFRI Computer Programmer And DTP Operator Recruitment 20193July 22, 2019KeralaTrishoorTrishoorComputer Programmer And DTP Operator2019-07-13 15:28:09
Fluid Control Research Institute Announces Various Recruitment25500 -6500July 23, 2019KeralaKeralaKeralaGraduate engineer Apprentice Technician Apprentice2019-07-09 11:20:01
CIFT Young Professional Recruitment 2019215000July 19, 2019keralaKochiKochiyoung professional2019-07-08 16:45:45
ISRO Announces 41 Recruitment for various Posts4119900 - 63200July 8, 2019KeralaTiruvatpuramTiruvantpuramTechnician, draftsman, heavy vehicle Driver2019-07-05 12:49:11
KFRI Announces 21 vacancies For The Scientist And Junior Scientist2115600 - 39100August 2, 2019KeralatrishoorTrishoorScientist Junior scientist2019-07-03 16:30:35
Kerala State Biodiversity Board District Coordinator Recruitment 2019620000July 15, 2019keralakasargod , kellamkasargod , kellamdistrict coordinator2019-07-02 12:00:18
KFRI Project Assistant Recruitment 2019119000July 15, 2019keralatrishoortrishoorproject assistant2019-07-02 11:10:34
Calicut University Assistant Engineer Recruitment 2019Rs. 42,305/- July 6, 2019KeralaCalicutCalicutAssistant Engineer2019-07-02 07:13:56
Calicut University Assistant Professors Recruitment 201902Rs. 25,000-42,000/-July 11, 2019KeralaCalicutCalicutAssistant Professors2019-07-01 17:50:09
CIFT Cochin Young Professional Recruitment01Rs. 15,000/- July 5, 2019KeralaCochinCochinYoung Professional2019-07-01 15:47:37
SCTIMST TVM Lab Technician Recruitment 201901Rs. 18,000/- July 9, 2019KeralaThiruvananthapuramThiruvananthapuramLab Technician2019-07-01 08:44:12
NISH Tiruvantpuram Clinical psychiatrist and Lecturer Recruitment 2019July 8, 2019keralatiruvantpuramtiruvantpuram Clinical psychiatrist and Lecturer2019-06-29 17:59:40
KAU Agromate Observer Recruitment 2019117025July 6, 2019Keralaicchukiicchukiagromate observer2019-06-29 16:36:54
SCTIMST TVM Scientist Recruitment01Rs. 48,000/- July 10, 2019KeralaThiruvananthapuramThiruvananthapuramScientist2019-06-29 08:00:27
SCTIMST TVM Computer Programmer Recruitment 201901Rs. 32,000/- July 10, 2019KeralaThiruvananthapuramThiruvananthapuramComputer Programmer2019-06-28 10:23:56
CMD Tiruvanatpuram Company Secretary Recruitment 2019135000July 10, 2019KeralaTiruvantpuramTiruvantpuramcompany Secretary2019-06-27 10:58:59
KAU Subject Matter Specialist and Agromet Observer Recruitment 201903Rs. 17,025-35,000/- July 3, 2019KeralaTavanpur Tavanpur Subject Matter Specialist and Agromet Observer2019-06-26 20:13:58
Spices Board Cochin Field Assistant and JRF Recruitment 201903Rs. 14,000-17,000/- July 3, 2019KeralaCochinIdukki Field Assistant and Junior Research Fellow 2019-06-26 19:50:30
SIFL Kerala Manager Recruitment 2019165018July 15, 2019KeralaTIshroorTIshroorManager2019-06-26 13:22:45
Central University of Kerala Project Staff Recruitment 2019Rs. 13,000/-July 3, 2019KeralaKeralaKeralaProject Staff2019-06-25 18:51:00
SCTIMST TVM Recruitment for Technical Assistant08Rs. 30,300/- June 28, 2019KeralaThiruvananthapuramThiruvananthapuramTechnical Assistant2019-06-25 18:34:23
IIM Kojhikode Admin Associate Recruitment 2019120300June 27, 2019KeralaKojhikodeKojhikodeAdmin Associate2019-06-24 14:13:01
SCTIMST TVM Recruitment for Project Assistant01Rs. 18,000/- June 29, 2019KeralaThiruvananthapuramThiruvananthapuramProject Assistant2019-06-24 12:06:34
PSC Kerala has Introduced Recruitment For Various Post566200-89000July 3, 2019KeralaKeralaKeralalecturer ,Administrative Assistant , finance Manager ,. Technician, Laboratory assistant2019-06-24 10:50:53
Central University of Kerala Announces Recruitment For the post of Professor69July 15, 2019KeralaKAsrgodKasargodprofesor,Assistant proffesor, assosciate proffesor2019-06-22 16:37:21
IIM Kozhikode Data Analyst Recruitment 2019125000-30000June 27, 2019KozikhodKoziKhode Kereladata analyst2019-06-19 15:16:41
SCTIMST Project Coordinator Recruitment 201901Rs. 25,000/- June 26, 2019KeralaThiruvananthapuramThiruvananthapuram2019-06-18 23:29:36
University Of Calicut Announces Vacancies For The Post of Swimming Trainer And plant Operator120000June 29, 2019KerelaCalicutKerelaSwimming Trainer Nd Plant Operater2019-06-18 18:25:37
SCTIMST Senior Project Engineer Recruitment 201901Rs. 25,000/- June 20, 2019KeralaThiruvananthapuramThiruvananthapuramSenior Project Engineer2019-06-18 00:44:28
SCTIMST TVM Senior Project Engineer Recruitment 201901Rs. 25,000/- June 19, 2019KeralaThiruvananthapuramThiruvananthapuramSenior Project Engineer2019-06-10 20:55:43
SCTIMST TVM Project Assistant Recruitment 201901Rs. 24,000/- June 18, 2019KeralaThiruvananthapuramThiruvananthapuramProject Assistant2019-06-06 23:33:15
SCTIMST TVM Project Assistant Recruitment 201901Rs. 16,000/- June 12, 2019KeralaThiruvananthapuramThiruvananthapuramProject Assistant2019-06-05 23:52:36
SCTIMST TVM Technical Assistant Recruitment 201902Rs. 30,300/- June 18, 2019KeralaThiruvananthapuramThiruvananthapuramTechnical Assistant2019-06-04 23:21:28
SCTIMST TVM Project Scientist Recruitment 201901Rs. 16,000-18,000/- June 13, 2019KeralaThiruvananthapuramThiruvananthapuramProject Scientist2019-06-03 15:39:36
SCTIMST Project Scientist Recruitment 201901Rs. 16,000/- June 11, 2019KeralaThiruvananthapuramThiruvananthapuramProject Scientist2019-06-01 15:30:22
SCTIMST Junior Engineer Recruitment 201901Rs. 38,565/- June 14, 2019KeralaThiruvananthapuramThiruvananthapuramJunior Engineer2019-05-31 17:00:57
Spices Board Cochin Trainee Analyst Recruitment 201902Rs. 18,000/- May 30, 2019KeralaCochinCochinTrainee Analyst2019-05-27 19:05:53
SCTIMST Project Assistant Recruitment 201901Rs. 18,000/- June 10, 2019KeralaThiruvananthapuramThiruvananthapuramProject Assistant2019-05-27 17:41:29
SCTIMST Speech Therapist Recruitment 201901Rs. 18,000/- May 28, 2019KeralaThiruvananthapuramThiruvananthapuramSpeech Therapist 2019-05-25 19:07:08
Spices Board Kochi Accounts Trainee Recruitment 201904Rs. 16,000/- May 30, 2019KeralaKochiKochiAccounts Trainee2019-05-23 18:33:23
SCTIMST Scientist Recruitment 201901Rs. 48,000/- May 31, 2019KeralaThiruvananthapuramThiruvananthapuramScientist2019-05-23 17:34:47
SCTIMST Project Technical Officer Recruitment 201901Rs. 32,000/- June 4, 2019KeralaThiruvananthapuramThiruvananthapuramProject Technical Officer2019-05-22 19:22:15
SCTIMST Project Assistant Recruitment 201901Rs. 31,000/- May 22, 2019KeralaThiruvananthapuramThiruvananthapuramProject Assistant2019-05-15 17:20:59
SCTIMST Recruitment for Technical Assistant01Rs. 30,300/- May 22, 2019KeralaThiruvananthapuramThiruvananthapuramTechnical Assistant2019-05-14 19:17:06
Central University of Kerala Personal Assistant and Various Recruitment 201912Rs. 35,400- 44,900/- June 30, 2019KeralaKeralaKeralaPersonal Assistant and Various Posts2019-05-14 17:36:34
Central University of Kerala LDC and Various Recruitment 201951Rs. 18,000- 92,300/- June 30, 2019KeralaKeralaKeralaLower Division Clerk and Various Posts2019-05-13 22:08:24
SCTIMST TVM Scientist Recruitment 201901Rs. 48,000/- May 21, 2019KeralaThiruvananthapuramThiruvananthapuramScientist2019-05-13 20:29:06
SCTIMST TVM Recruitment for Technical Assistant04Rs. 30,300/- May 21, 2019KeralaThiruvananthapuramThiruvananthapuramTechnical Assistant2019-05-10 19:45:40
SCTIMST TVM Project Coordinator Recruitment 201901Rs. 60,000/- May 23, 2019KeralaThiruvananthapuramThiruvananthapuramProject Coordinator2019-05-09 14:58:18
CPCRI Kerala Field Assistant Recruitment 201902Rs. 15,000/- May 20, 2019KeralaKrishnapuramKrishnapuramField Assistant2019-05-08 22:58:42
Spices Board Kochi Market Research Trainees Recruitment 201902Rs. 18,000/- May 14, 2019KeralaKochiKochiMarket Research Trainees2019-05-08 17:11:20
Spices Board Cochin Trainee Analysts Recruitment 201905Rs. 18,000/- May 7, 2019KeralaCochinCochinTrainee Analyst2019-05-01 20:28:46
Cochin Shipyard Limited Ship Draftsman Trainee Recruitment 201950May 2, 2019KeralaCochinCochinShip Draftsman Trainee 2019-04-30 22:25:29
RCC TVM Senior Resident Recruitment 201904Rs. 15600-39100/- May 18, 2019KeralaThiruvananthapuram Thiruvananthapuram Senior Resident2019-04-30 22:08:10
IIM Kozhikode Office Attendant Recruitment 2019Rs. 15,300/- May 7, 2019KeralaKozhikode Kozhikode Office Attendant2019-04-29 13:40:26
High Court of Kerala Translator Recruitment 201901Rs. 26,500-56,700/- May 2, 2019KeralaKochiKochiTranslator2019-04-11 18:21:22
University of Kerala Kitchen Staff Recruitment 2019Rs. 20,000/- April 10, 2019KeralaThiruvananthapuramThiruvananthapuramKitchen Staff2019-04-06 20:38:23
Cochin Shipyard Limited Project Officer Recruitment 201940Rs. 30,000-40,000/- April 24, 2019KeralaCochinCochinProject Officer2019-04-03 16:45:00
ESIC Kerala UDC and Stenographer Recruitment 201964Rs. 52,00-20,200/- April 15, 2019KeralaTrichur Trichur Upper Division Clerk and Stenographer2019-04-02 18:08:03
CIFT Cochin Young Professional Recruitment 2019April 6, 2019KeralaCochinCochinYoung Professional2019-03-30 09:33:22
SCTIMST TVM Technical Assistant Recruitment 201902Rs. 30,300/- April 9, 2019KeralaThiruvananthapuramThiruvananthapuramTechnical Assistant2019-03-29 11:31:54
CMFRI Thiruvananthapuram Young Professional Recruitment 201901Rs. 25,000/- March 27, 2019KeralaThiruvananthapuram Thiruvananthapuram Young Professional2019-03-26 13:20:40
CPCRI Kerala Upper Division Clerk Recruitment 201902Rs.5200¬ 20200/- April 21, 2019KeralaKayamkulamKasaragod, Kerala and KayamkulamUpper Division Clerk2019-03-23 10:09:00
SCTIMST Technician Recruitment 201901+ PanelRs. 19,000/- March 26, 2019KeralaThiruvananthapuramThiruvananthapuramTechnician 2019-03-22 12:43:15
CMFRI Kochi Young Professional Recruitment 201901KeralaMarch 28, 2019KeralaKochiKochiYoung Professional2019-03-20 16:59:55
SCTIMST Apprentice Recruitment 201901Rs. 7,000/- March 22, 2019KeralaThiruvananthapuramThiruvananthapuramApprentice2019-03-19 15:22:51
SCTIMST Project Associate Recruitment 201901Rs. 25,000/- March 28, 2019KeralaThiruvananthapuramThiruvananthapuramProject Associate2019-03-16 16:23:22
IIST Technical Assistant Recruitment 201902Rs. 44,900 - 1,42,400/-April 18, 2019KeralaThiruvananthapuram Thiruvananthapuram Technical Assistant 2019-03-16 12:12:49
High Court of Kerala Software Developer and Various Recruitment 201905Rs. 60,000-1,00,000/- March 26, 2019KeralaKochiKochiLead Software Developer and Various Jobs2019-03-15 12:01:48
SCTIMST Medical Records Assistant Recruitment 201905Rs. 30,300/- March 20, 2019KeralaThiruvananthapuramThiruvananthapuramMedical Records Assistant2019-03-13 15:53:18
Government of Kerala Field Investigator and More Jobs 201905Rs. 15,000-45,000/- March 12, 2019KeralaThiruvananthapuramThiruvananthapuramCoordinator / Field Investigator/ Data Entry Operator2019-03-08 12:48:01
SCTIMST Technical Assistant Recruitment 201902Rs. 30,300/- March 11, 2019KeralaThiruvananthapuramThiruvananthapuramTechnical Assistant2019-03-08 12:14:59
KAU Technical Assistant Recruitment 201901Rs. 33,925/- March 8, 2019KeralaTavanpur Tavanpur Technical Assistant 2019-03-02 14:25:57
KPSC ,Recruitment For The Pharmacist, Manager and lecturer Posts2645800March 6, 2019keralakeralakerala Pharmacist, Manager and Lecturer 2019-02-15 16:10:29
HNL Recruitment for the IIT candidates apply now027500-11000February 18, 2019keralaAnywhere in IndiaAnywhere in keralacompany trainee2019-02-12 10:03:26
PCK Limited Kerala Recruitment 2019 For Professional Apprentice, Apply NowAnywhere in IndiaAnywhere in IndiaAnywhere in India2018-12-28 15:03:55
BEL Ghaziabad Recruitment 2019 For the Post of Contract Engineer, Apply nowAnywhere in IndiaAnywhere in IndiaAnywhere in India2018-12-27 10:36:20
University of Kerala Recruitment 2019 For the Post of Project Assistant, Apply NowAnywhere in IndiaAnywhere in IndiaAnywhere in India2018-12-25 16:57:02
VSSC Kerala Latest Recruitment 2019 For the Post of Fitter & Various Posts, Apply nowAnywhere in IndiaAnywhere in IndiaAnywhere in India2018-12-25 10:53:25
SPICES Board Cochin Recruitment 2019 For the Post of Analyst & Various Posts, Apply nowAnywhere in IndiaAnywhere in IndiaAnywhere in India2018-12-24 15:55:35
KMSCL, Thiruvananthpuram Offering Heavy Vacancy for Manager Post, Apply HereAnywhere in IndiaAnywhere in IndiaAnywhere in India2018-12-22 11:55:19
KVASU Latest Recruitment For the Post of Research Assistant & others 2019, Apply todayAnywhere in IndiaAnywhere in IndiaAnywhere in India2018-12-21 17:34:49
CSL Recruitment For the Post of Manager (SAP-HCM), Apply todayAnywhere in IndiaAnywhere in IndiaAnywhere in India2018-12-20 19:31:49
120 Vacancies for Graduate & Diploma Apprentices in CSL, KochiAnywhere in IndiaAnywhere in IndiaAnywhere in India2018-12-05 17:39:46
Bank PO Bumper Opening in South Indian Bank, Graduates Apply HereNARs. 23,700-42,050/- per monthDecember 16, 2018KeralaThrissurThrissurProbationary Officers2018-12-04 17:08:56
Clerk & Other Posts in KRFB, Thiruvananthpuram on Huge Posts, Check Details11 PostsRs. 20,350/- per monthDecember 13, 2018KeralaThiruvananthpuram ThiruvananthpuramClerk2018-11-30 16:57:53
CMD, Kerala Bumper Vacancy for Block Coordinator and Others, Graduates Apply Now87 PostsRs. 20,000/- per monthDecember 12, 2018KeralaThiruvananthpuramThiruvanathpuramBlock Coordinator2018-11-28 16:43:28
NHM, Thiruvananthapuram Job Opening for Heavy Posts of Nursing Staff41 PostsRs. 17,000/- per monthNovember 30, 2018KeralaThiruvananthpuramThiruvananthpuramStaff Nurse2018-11-27 17:16:37
BEL Job Opening for Deputy Engineers on Huge Posts, Apply Now15 PostsRs. 40,000-1,40,000/- per monthDecember 5, 2018MaharashtraMumbaiMumbaiDeputy Engineer2018-11-26 17:39:49
173 Vacancy for Engineering Candidates in VSSC, Thiruvananthpuram, Attend Walkin173 PostsRs. 5,000/- per monthDecember 1, 2018KeralaThiruvananthpuramThiruvananthpuramGraduate Apprentices2018-11-26 11:24:55
KSERC, Thiruvananthpuram Heavy Posts for Graduates, Check Details15 PostsRs. 1150/- per monthNovember 28, 2018Tamil NaduThiruvananthpuramThiruvananthpuramProject Scientist2018-11-20 18:08:58
Engineering Jobs in WAPCOS on 100 Posts, Apply for Bumper Vacancy Now100 PostsNANovember 24, 2018KeralaKochiKochiSite Engineer2018-11-15 16:59:23
10th Pass and ITI Jobs in TELK, Kerala, Few Days Left, Apply Fast42 PostsRs. 11,000/- per monthNovember 21, 2018KeralaKeralaKeralaOperator2018-11-13 16:44:03
Engineering Diploma Job on Huge Posts in BPCL, Kerala147 PostsRs. 13,500-31,000/- per monthNovember 26, 2018KeralaKochiKochiChemist Trainee2018-11-12 17:37:06
Kerala Police Heavy Job Opening for 10th Pass Candidates200 PostsRs. 18,900/- per monthNovember 15, 2018KeralaThiruvananthpuramThiruvananthpuramCoastal Wardens2018-11-07 14:16:10
Govt. Jobs for Graduates and Diploma Holders in Kerala Govt08 PostsRs. 14,000/- per monthNovember 26, 2018KeralaIdukkiIdukkiLav Techncician2018-11-06 15:53:23
Indian Army Recruitment Drive for 10th and 12th PassNANADecember 4, 2018KeralaKeralaKeralaSoldiers2018-11-01 18:10:33
CWRDM, Kozhikode vacancy for Trade Apprentices, ITI Candidates Attend Walkin11 PostsRs. 8,000/- per monthOctober 31, 2018KeralaKozhikodeKozhikodeTrade Apprentices2018-10-26 16:40:06
SCTIMST, Thiruvananthapuram Vacancy for Technician, 10th Pass Attend Walkin06 PostsRs. 17,300/- per monthNovember 1, 2018KeralaThiruvananthapuramThiruvananthapuramTechnician2018-10-25 17:54:19
HORTICORP, Thiruvananthpuram Vacancy for Assistant Manager02 PostsRs. 20,000/- per monthOctober 30, 2018KeralaThiruvananthpuramThiruvananthpuramAssistant Manager2018-10-24 17:55:48
NISH, Thiruvananthapuram Recruitment for Hardware Engineer, Engineers Apply Now01 PostNAOctober 25, 2018KeralaThiruvananthapuramThiruvananthapuramHardware Engineer2018-10-17 17:22:15
KSIDCL, Thiruvananthpuram Job for Public Relations Officer01 PostRs. 20,000/- per monthOctober 20, 2018KeralaThiruvananthpuramThiruvananthpuramPublic Relations Officer2018-10-16 16:38:15
KUHS, Thrissur Vacancy for Office Supporting Staff, 12th Pass Apply Here02 PostsRs. 630/- per dayOctober 25, 2018KeralaThrissurThrissurOffice Supporting Staff2018-10-15 17:45:09
KSRTC, Thiruvananthpuram Job for Executive Engineer, Salary 4400001 PostRs. 44,000/- per monthOctober 30, 2018KeralaThiruvananthpuramThiruvananthpuramExecutive Engineer2018-10-11 17:31:22
KSFDC, Thiruvananthpuram Vacancy for Business Manager, MBA Degree Holders Apply Here01 PostRs. 75,000/- per monthOctober 20, 2018KeralaThiruvananthpuramThiruvananthpuramBusiness Manager2018-10-08 17:04:08
KSRTC, Thiruvananthpuram Job for Chartered Accountant, Salary 7500001 PostRs. 75,000/- per monthOctober 22, 2018KeralaThiruvananthpuramThiruvananthpuramChartered Accountant2018-10-08 16:52:02
Kerala PSC Recruitment for Junior Language Teacher, Check details04 PostsRs. 18,000-41,500/- per monthOctober 24, 2018KeralaThiruvananthpuramThiruvananthpuramJunior Language Teacher2018-10-05 17:45:44
NIT Calicut Job Opening for Accountant, MBA Degree Holders Attend Walkin01 PostRs. 40,000/- per monthOctober 11, 2018KeralaCalicutCalicutAccountant2018-10-04 17:27:50
KRFB, Thiruvananthpuram Job for 289 Vacancies of Project Engineer & Others289 PostsNAOctober 17, 2018KeralaThiruvananthpuramThiruvananthpuramProject Engineer2018-10-04 13:14:26
SCTIMST, Thiruvananthapuram Recruitment for Senior Project Engineer, Salary 2500001 PostRs. 25,000/- per monthOctober 11, 2018KeralaThiruvananthapuramThiruvananthapuramSenior Project Engineer2018-10-03 16:53:26
SCTIMST, Thiruvananthapuram Job for Project Assistant, Attend Walkin01 PostRs. 17,000/- per monthOctober 9, 2018KeralaThiruvananthapuram ThiruvananthapuraProject Assistant2018-10-02 17:36:58
FACT, Kochi Job Opening for Assistants, Graduates Apply Fast06 PostsRs. 13,000/- per monthOctober 11, 2018KeralaKochiKochiAssistant2018-09-22 17:49:21
University of Kerala, Thiruvananthpuram Job for Mobile App Developer01 PostRs. 33,000/- per monthSeptember 29, 2018KeralaThiruvananthpuramThiruvananthpuramMobile App Developer2018-09-17 16:39:48
KEAECL, Kochi Vacancy for Site Engineers, Engineers Apply Here20 PostsRs. 15,000/- per monthSeptember 25, 2018KeralaKochiKochiSite Engineers2018-09-15 16:44:13
HMT Ltd, Pinjore Recruitment for Executive Technical, Engineers Apply Now02 PostsRs. 16,500-17,000/- per monthSeptember 14, 2018KeralaPinjorePinjoreExecutive Technical2018-09-11 18:10:50
SCTIMST, Thiruvananthapuram Vacancy for Junior Medical Officer, Attend Walkin01 PostRs. 30,000/- per monthSeptember 18, 2018KeralaThiruvananthapuramThiruvananthapuramJunior Medical Officer2018-09-10 17:45:33
C-MET, Thrissur Job for Multi-Tasking Staff, 12th Pass Apply Now01 PostRs. 18,000-56,900/- per monthOctober 12, 2018KeralaThrissurThrissurMulti-Tasking Staff2018-09-08 17:55:41
Kerala Agriculture University Vacancy for Assistant Professor, Salary 3500001 PostRs. 35,000/- per monthSeptember 15, 2018KeralaMelappuramMelappuramAssistant Professor2018-09-05 18:07:57
University of Kerala, Thiruvananthpuram Job for Technician01 PostRs. 18,000/- per monthSeptember 20, 2018KeralaThiruvananthpuramThiruvananthpuramTechnician2018-09-04 17:16:10
SCTIMST, Thiruvananthapuram Job for Project Attendant01 PostRs. 15,800/- per monthSeptember 4, 2018KeralaThiruvananthapuramThiruvananthapuramProject Attendant2018-08-23 17:59:39
KMSCL, Thiruvananthpuram Recruitment for Emergency Response Officer, Few Days Left Apply Now01 postNAAugust 18, 2018KeralaThiruvananthpuramThiruvananthpuramEmergency Response Officer2018-08-15 22:31:28
IIM Kozhikode Recruitment for Academic  Associate115000-20000August 23, 2018keralakozhikodekozhikodeAcademic associate2018-08-15 14:30:48
KAU, Kottayam Recruitment for Assistant Professor1As per normsSeptember 5, 2018KeralaKottayamKottayamAssistant Professor2018-08-14 11:15:21
KSRTC, Thiruvananthapuram Recruitment for Medical Officeras per availability40000August 31, 2018keralaThiruvananthapuramThiruvananthapuramMedical officer2018-08-14 01:00:18
KSCADCL, Thiruvananthpuram Job for Accounts Officer, CA Candidates Apply Here01 PostRs. 25,000/- per monthAugust 31, 2018KeralaThiruvananthpuramThiruvananthpuram Accounts Office2018-08-13 17:29:21
Advanced Trainee Job Opening for Hindustan Newsprint Ltd.1210000August 16, 2018KeralaKottayamKottayamAdvanced Trainee2018-08-13 10:07:29
Kochi Municipal Corporation Job for IT Program Developer, Engineers Apply Now01 PostNAAugust 13, 2018KeralaKochiKochiIT Program Developer2018-08-10 18:05:39
NIT Calicut Job Opening 2018 for Ad-hoc Faculty02 PostsRs. 50,000/- per monthAugust 6, 2018KeralaKozhikodeKozhikodeAd-hoc Faculty2018-08-01 16:52:46
Kerala PSC Recruitment for Grade 2 Accountant01 PostRs. 6,060-8,200/- per monthAugust 29, 2018KeralaThiruvananthpuramThiruvananthpuramAccountant 2018-07-31 17:47:03
IIITM Kerala, Thiruvananthpuram Job for Account Assistant01 PostRs. 20,000-25,000/- per monthAugust 6, 2018KeralaThiruvananthpuramThiruvananthpuramAccount Assistant2018-07-27 17:43:02
KMSCL, Thiruvananthpuram Job for Company Secretary01 PostRs. 25,000/- per monthAugust 8, 2018KeralaThiruvananthpuramThiruvananthpuramCompany Secretary2018-07-26 18:13:46
Management Information System Vacancy in NIT Calicut01 postRs. 20,900/- per monthJuly 31, 2018KeralaCalicutCalicutManagement Information System2018-07-26 17:48:34
University of Kerala Jobs for Technical Assistant120000August 4, 2018KeralaThiruvananthampuramThiruvananthampuramTechnical Assistant2018-07-25 01:10:16
CPCRI, Kerala Recruitment for Project Executive125000August 9, 2018KeralaKottayamKottayamProject Executive2018-07-24 15:56:59
KMSCL, Thrissur Recruitment for Pharmacist01 PostRs. 16,000/- per monthJuly 28, 2018KeralaThrissurThrissurPharmacist2018-07-24 09:58:42
IIITM Kerala, Thiruvananthpuram Vacancy for Project Officer01 PostRs. 28,000/- per monthJuly 31, 2018KeralaThiruvananthpuramThiruvananthpuramProject Officer2018-07-23 16:57:44
SCTIMST, Thiruvananthapuram Job for Data Manager01 PostRs. 50,000/- per monthAugust 2, 2018KeralaThiruvananthapuramThiruvananthapuramData Manager2018-07-23 16:36:40
BPCL, Kochi Recruitment for 141 Vacancies of Graduate Apprentices141 PostsRs. 25,000/- per monthJuly 27, 2018KeralaKochiKochiGraduate Apprentices2018-07-19 16:38:29
Cochin Shipyard Limited Job for Executive Trainee3550000August 20, 2018KeralaCochinAnywhere in IndiaExecutive Trainee2018-07-19 15:33:11
NIT, Calicut Job for Management Information System320900July 31, 2018KeralaCalicutCalicutManagement Information System2018-07-19 13:15:16
Office Attendant Job Opening in IIM, Kozhikode112300July 26, 2018keralakozhikodekozhikodeOffice Attendant2018-07-18 17:09:50
Department of Fisheries, Kerala Recruitment for Web Designer01 PostNAJuly 26, 2018KeralaThiruvananthpuramThiruvananthpuramWeb Designer2018-07-14 18:14:26
KSERC, Thiruvananthpuram Vacancy for Translator01 PostNAJuly 27, 2018KeralaThiruvananthpuramThiruvananthpuramTranslator2018-07-13 16:10:55
Kerala Agricultural University Vacancy for Assistant Professors01 PostRs. 35,000/- per monthJuly 19, 2018KeralaThrissurThrissurAssistant Professors2018-07-12 16:14:12
KELTRON, Kochi Job Opening for Operator02 PostsRs. 10,500-12,000/- per monthJuly 6, 2018KeralaKochiKochiOperator2018-06-27 15:15:17
KSRTC, Thiruvananthpuram Job for Assistant System Administrator03 PostsRs. 25,000-30,000/- per monthJuly 7, 2018KeralaThiruvananthpuramThiruvananthpuramAssistant System Administrator2018-06-26 14:29:55
Support Engineer Job Openings in IIM Kozhikode03Rs. 12,300/- June 30, 2018KeralaKozhikode Kozhikode Support Engineer2018-06-26 08:37:01
Bioinformatics Trainee Job Openings in IISR Kozhikode02Rs. 10,000/- July 7, 2018KeralaKozhikode Kozhikode Bioinformatics Trainee2018-06-26 07:48:59
KSERC, Thiruvananthpuram Recruitment for Consultant01 PostNAJuly 6, 2018KeralaThiruvananthpuramThiruvananthpuramConsultant2018-06-21 17:18:58
C-DAC, Thiruvananthpuram Vacancy for Project Engineer01 PostRs. 26,500/- per monthJuly 11, 2018KeralaThiruvananthpuramThiruvananthpuramProject Engineer2018-06-21 13:22:58
NHM Kerala, Trivandrum Job Opening for DEIC Manager01 PostRs. 20,000/- per monthJune 26, 2018KeralaTrivandrumTrivandrumDEIC Manager2018-06-20 17:00:30
KSBB Thiruvananthpuram Recruitment for Project Associate01 PostRs. 21,000/- per monthJune 25, 2018KeralaThiruvananthpuramThiruvananthpuramProject Associate2018-06-19 17:42:32
Central University of Kerala, Kasaragod Job for Guest Faculty01 PostRs. 1,000/- per lectureJune 22, 2018KeralaKasaragod KasaragodGuest Faculty2018-06-18 14:46:30
NIT Calicut Recruitment for 125 Vacancies of Technical Staff125 PostsRs. 12,500/- per monthJuly 7, 2018KeralaKozhikodeKozhikodeTechnical Staff2018-06-16 17:58:09
RGCB, Thiruvananthpuram Job Opening for Project Assistant01 PostRs. 14,000/- per monthJune 22, 2018KeralaThiruvananthpuramThiruvananthpuramProject Assistant2018-06-10 16:58:29
NIT Calicut, Kozhikode Job Opening 2018 for Staff Nurse02 PostsRs. 16,250/- per monthJune 18, 2018KeralaKozhikodeKozhikode Staff Nurse2018-06-07 23:43:07
Kerala Ceramics Limited, Kollam Recruitment for Assistant Manager01 PostRs. 7,200/- per monthJune 20, 2018KeralaKollamKollamAssistant Manager2018-06-05 17:53:28
KSHEC, Thiruvananthpuram Recruitment for Project Facilitator01 PostRs. 33,925 PostsJune 18, 2018KeralaThiruvananthpuram ThiruvananthpuramProject Facilitator2018-06-02 20:55:20
SCTIMST, Thiruvananthapuram Vacancy for Technical Assistant01 PostRs. 18,000/- per monthJune 12, 2018KeralaThiruvananthapuramThiruvananthapuramTechnical Assistant2018-06-01 21:15:14
IISER, Thiruvananthapuram Vacancy for Lady Medical Officer01 PostRs. 40,000/- per monthJune 4, 2018KeralaThiruvananthapuramThiruvananthapuramLady Medical Officer2018-05-30 19:04:22
NIT Calicut Job Opening for Technical Officers02 PostsRs. 15,000/- per monthJune 8, 2018KeralaKozhikodeKozhikodeTechnical Officers2018-05-29 23:15:47
HMT Ltd., Kochi Recruitment for Data Entry Operator01 PostRs. 15,500/- per monthMay 31, 2018KeralaKochiKochiData Entry Operator2018-05-28 19:34:34
Field Assistant Job Opening in CPCRI Kerala01Rs. 12,000/- June 4, 2018KeralaKrishnapuramKrishnapuramField Assistant 2018-05-26 15:45:26
Support Engineer Job Openings in IIM Kozhikode03Rs. 12,300/- May 31, 2018KeralaKozhikode Kozhikode Support Engineer2018-05-26 01:09:25
Central University of Kerala Job for Guest Faculty01 PostRs. 1,000/- per lectureJune 6, 2018KeralaKasargodKasargodGuest Faculty2018-05-24 20:20:52
KAICL, Thiruvananthpuram Job for Sales Executive and Flour Managers04 PostsRs. 12,000/- per monthMay 31, 2018KeralaThiruvananthpuramThiruvananthpuramSales Executive2018-05-21 19:59:11
NIT Calicut Job Opening for Resident Medical Officer01 PostRs. 70,000/- per monthMay 31, 2018KeralaCalicutCalicutResident Medical Officer2018-05-21 18:37:25
KERFED, Thiruvananthpuram Vacancy for Sales Executives14 PostsNAMay 25, 2018KeralaThiruvananthpuramThiruvananthpuramSales Executives2018-05-21 17:38:56
Malabar Cements Limited, Kozhikode Job for Marketing Executive06 PostsRs. 10,000/- per monthJune 15, 2018KeralaKochiKochiMarketing Executive2018-05-19 20:49:02
Field Assistant Job Opening 2018 in CPCRI, Kollam01 PostRs. 12,000/- per monthJune 4, 2018KeralaKollamKollamField Assistant2018-05-18 20:30:32
CMD, Thiruvananthpuram Job for Company Secretary-cum-Manager01 PostRs. 50,000/- per monthMay 25, 2018KeralaThiruvananthpuramThiruvananthpuram Company Secretary-cum-Manager 2018-05-17 19:09:46
SCTIMST, Thiruvananthapuram Recruitment 2018 for Project Manager01 PostNAMay 29, 2018KeralaThiruvananthapuramThiruvananthapuramProject Manager2018-05-16 23:15:03
Kerala PSC Recruitment for High School Assistant03 PostsRs. 29,200-62,400/- per monthJune 13, 2018KeralaThiruvananthpuramThiruvananthpuramHigh School Assistant2018-05-15 20:16:07
HOCL, Kochi Recruitment for Senior Electrical Engineer01 PostRs. 27,500/- per monthMay 23, 2018KeralaAmbalamugalAmbalamugalSenior Electrical Engineer2018-05-10 22:34:58
Instructor and Tradesman Job Openings in University of Calicut04Rs.11,000-12,000/- May 15, 2018KeralaCalicutCalicutInstructor and Tradesman 2018-05-07 14:42:14
Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam Job for Assistant Professors20 PostsNAJune 4, 2018KeralaKottayamKottayamAssistant Professors2018-05-06 16:38:32
VFPCK, Kochi Recruitment for Soil Analysts02 PostsRs. 20,000/- per monthMay 17, 2018KeralaKochiKochiSoil Analysts2018-05-06 15:26:33
Business Professional Job Openings in IISR Kozhikode02Rs. 30,000/-May 11, 2018KeralaKozhikode Kozhikode Business Professional2018-05-05 22:23:50
KITCO, Kochi Job for Consultant and Project Specific Engineer02 PostsNAMay 12, 2018KeralaKochiKochiProject Specific Engineer2018-05-04 23:42:45
Telemedicine Site Administrator Job Openings in RCC Tvm03Rs. 10,000/- May 15, 2018KeralaThiruvananthapuramThiruvananthapuramTelemedicine Site Administrator2018-05-02 17:06:04
Dredger Commander Job Opening in Cochin Port Trust01Rs. 78,330/- June 1, 2018KeralaCochinCochinDredger Commander2018-05-02 16:46:12
SCTIMST, Thiruvananthapuram Job for 179 Vacancies of Cleaner179 PostsRs. 16,500/- per monthMay 15, 2018KeralaThiruvananthapuramThiruvananthapuramCleaner2018-05-01 23:35:38
Occupational Therapist Job Openings in University of Calicut02Rs. 32,250/- May 10, 2018KeralaCalicutCalicutOccupational Therapist 2018-05-01 17:47:14
NRHM, Kasargod Recruitment for Medical Officer and Staff Nurse04 PostsRs. 26,000/- per monthMay 10, 2018KeralaKasargodkasargodMedical Officer 2018-04-28 20:19:00
IIHT, Kannur Recruitment for Quality Control Inspector01 PostNAMay 10, 2018KeralaKannurKannurQuality Control Inspector2018-04-26 23:01:43
KSCSTE, Thiruvananthpuram Vacancy for Deputy Registrar01 PostRs. 55,350-1,01,400/- per monthMay 15, 2018KeralaThiruvananthpuramThiruvananthpuramDeputy Registrar2018-04-26 22:44:16
Accounts Assistant Job Opening in NIT CalicutRs. 12,500/- May 10, 2018KeralaCalicutCalicutAccounts Assistant 2018-04-26 20:15:01
High Court of Kerala, Kochi Vacancy for Senior Technical Officer01 PostRs. 30,800/- per monthMay 17, 2018KeralaKochiKochiSenior Technical Officer2018-04-21 19:42:50
Junior Research Officer Job Opening in SCTIMST01Rs. 25,000/-May 3, 2018KeralaThiruvananthapuram Thiruvananthapuram Junior Research Officer2018-04-20 09:39:12
Project Attendant Job Opening in SCTIMST01Rs. 15,800/- April 23, 2018KeralaThiruvananthapuram Thiruvananthapuram Project Attendant2018-04-18 23:51:55
IIITM Kerala Job Opening for Senior Media Consultant02 PostsRs. 25,000/- per monthApril 21, 2018KeralaThiruvananthpuramThiruvananthpuramSenior Media Consultant2018-04-17 23:26:07
CDS, Thiruvananthpuram Job for Research Associate & Policy Analyst02 postsRs. 30,000/- per monthApril 27, 2018KeralaThiruvananthpuramThiruvananthpuramResearch Associate2018-04-17 11:11:17
Project Executive and Field Assistant Job Openings in CPCRI Kerala07Rs. 12,000-25,000/- April 24, 2018KeralaKasaragodKasaragodProject Executive and Field Assistant2018-04-17 07:15:29
University of Kerala, Thiruvananthpuram Vacancy for Lecturer01 PostRs. 24,000/- per monthApril 30, 2018KeralaThiruvananthpuramThiruvananthpuramLecturer2018-04-16 14:30:07
VFPCK, Kochi Job Opening 2018 for Director01 PostRs. 40,640-57,440/- per monthApril 19, 2018KeralaKochiKochiDirector2018-04-14 21:02:29
RCC, Thiruvananthpuram Job Opening for Staff Nurses24 PostsRs. 9,300-34,800/- per monthMay 7, 2018KeralaThiruvananthpuramThiruvananthpuramStaff Nurses2018-04-13 17:30:23
Speech Therapist Job Opening in SCTIMST01Rs. 18,000/- April 24, 2018KeralaThiruvananthapuram Thiruvananthapuram Speech Therapist2018-04-13 07:00:22
Project Assistant Job Openings in SCTIMST02Rs. 25,000/- April 21, 2018KeralaThiruvananthapuram Thiruvananthapuram Project Assistant2018-04-12 11:38:22
Assistant Manager Job Opening 2018 in NIT Calicut01 PostRs. 30,000/- per monthApril 25, 2018KeralaKozhikodeKozhikodeAssistant Manager2018-04-11 22:47:27
Young Professional Job Openings in IISR Kozhikode05Rs. 15,000/- April 20, 2018KeralaKozhikode Kozhikode Young Professional 2018-04-11 06:44:31
RCC, Thiruvananthpuram Vacancy for Consultant Medical Officer01 PostRs. 28,000/- per monthApril 28, 2018KeralaThiruvananthpuramThiruvananthpuramConsultant Medical Officer2018-04-10 22:38:55
Young Professional Job Opening in IISR Kozhikode01Rs. 25000/- April 19, 2018KeralaKozhikode Kozhikode Young Professional 2018-04-09 16:44:52
Sports Trainee Job Openings in Cochin Port Trust04Rs. 7,000/- April 21, 2018Kerala CochinCochinSports Trainee2018-04-08 00:11:30
CCEK, Thiruvananthpuram Job for Machine Mechanic-cum-Lab Assistant01 PostRs. 25,000/- per monthApril 24, 2018KeralaThiruvananthpuramThiruvananthpuramMachine Mechanic-cum-Lab Assistant2018-04-08 00:03:05
Support Staff Job Opening in IIM Kozhikode01Rs. 18,000/- April 23, 2018KeralaKozhikode Kozhikode Support Staff 2018-04-05 11:52:35
High Court of Kerala, Kochi Job Opening for Programmer01 PostRs. 35,300/- per monthApril 25, 2018KeralaKochiKochiProgrammer2018-04-04 18:00:58
Cochin Shipyard Limited, Kochi Vacancy for Project Assistant25 PostsRs. 19,200/- per monthApril 25, 2018KeralaKochiKochiProject Assistant2018-04-04 13:32:15
Project Scientist Job Opening in SCTIMST01Rs. 20,000/- April 11, 2018KeralaThiruvananthapuram Thiruvananthapuram Project Scientist2018-04-02 17:49:56
Programmer Job Opening in University of CalicutRs. 25,000/- April 5, 2018KeralaCalicutCalicutProgrammer2018-03-30 22:31:39
Program Manager Job Openings in SCTIMST02Rs. 75,000/- April 9, 2018KeralaThiruvananthapuram Thiruvananthapuram Program Manager2018-03-30 22:29:37
Technical Expert Job Opening in SCTIMST01Rs. 75,000/- April 10, 2018Kerala Thiruvananthapuram Thiruvananthapuram Technical Expert2018-03-29 07:16:14
RCC, Thiruvananthpuram Job for Laboratory Technician01 PostNAApril 17, 2018KeralaThiruvananthpuramThiruvananthpuramLaboratory Technician2018-03-28 16:48:22
Cochin Port Trust, Kochi Vacancy for Medical Officer01 PostRs. 50,000/- per monthApril 4, 2018KeralaKochiKochiMedical Officer2018-03-28 16:31:56
Data Entry Operator Job Opening in SCTIMST01Rs. 25,000/- April 9, 2018KeralaThiruvananthapuram Thiruvananthapuram Data Entry Operator 2018-03-28 13:23:05
Trainee Job Openings in Spices Board Cochin04Rs. 17,000/- April 17, 2018KeralaCochinTamil NaduTrainee 2018-03-28 08:51:36
CUSAT, Kochi Recruitment for Assistant Professor04 PostsRs. 40,000/- per monthApril 19, 2018KeralaKochiKochiAssistant Professor2018-03-27 23:34:31
Neuropsychologist Job Opening in SCTIMST01Rs. 16,500/- April 6, 2018KeralaThiruvananthapuram Thiruvananthapuram Neuropsychologist 2018-03-27 16:38:17
Skilled Assistant Job Opening in KAU01Rs. 400/- Per DayMarch 31, 2018KeralaKasaragodKasaragodSkilled Assistant2018-03-27 16:17:49
Multi Tasking Attendant Job Opening in CCRAS Kerala01Rs.16,000/- April 10, 2018KeralaThiruvananthapuramThiruvananthapuramMulti Tasking Attendant2018-03-27 16:15:30
IIM Kozhikode Job Opening for Accounting Assistants02 postsRs. 16,000-20,000/- per monthMarch 28, 2018KeralaKozhikodeKozhikodeAccounting Assistants2018-03-26 23:47:28
RIRLD, Thiruvananthpuram Job for Multi-Tasking Attendant01 PostRs. 16,000/- per monthApril 10, 2018KeralaThiruvananthpuramThiruvananthpuramMulti-Tasking Attendant2018-03-24 23:48:15
RVTIW, Thiruvananthpuram Recruitment for Junior Consultant01 PostRs. 30,000/- per monthApril 6, 2018KeralaThiruvananthpuramThiruvananthpuramJunior Consultant2018-03-22 22:10:22
Network Assistant and Various Job Openings in C-DIT Tvm09March 27, 2018KeralaThiruvananthapuram Thiruvananthapuram Network Assistant and Various Jobs2018-03-22 16:38:59
Medical Officer Job Opening in ITI Limited Palakkad01Rs. 33,807/- April 7, 2018KeralaPalakkad Palakkad Medical Officer2018-03-22 16:30:43
sctimst project scientist job opening 201801Rs. 20,000/- April 2, 2018KeralaThiruvananthapuram Thiruvananthapuram Project Scientist 2018-03-21 16:58:52
Project Scientist Job Opening in SCTIMST01Rs. 16,000/- March 27, 2018KeralaThiruvananthapuram Thiruvananthapuram Project Scientist 2018-03-20 23:59:51
Kerala PSC Job Opening 2018 for Junior Clerk01 PostRs. 6,850-1,665/- per monthApril 18, 2018KeralaThiruvananthpuramThiruvananthpuramJunior Clerk2018-03-20 19:56:40
Cochin Port Trust, Kochi Vacancy for Lab Assistant01 PostRs. 17,000/- per monthApril 4, 2018KeralaCochinCochinLab Assistant2018-03-19 21:18:40
SIEMT, Thiruvananthpuram Job for Research Officer/ Clerk14 PostsRs. 33,925/- per monthMarch 31, 2018KeralaThiruvananthpuramThiruvananthpuramResearch Officer2018-03-17 23:21:46
Kerala PSC Job for Assistant Professor, Lab Technician & Others23 PostsRs. 15,600-39,100/- per monthApril 18, 2018KeralaThiruvananthpuramThiruvananthpuramAssistant Professor2018-03-17 22:54:23
Kannur University Job Opening for Assistant Professor01 PostNAApril 2, 2018KeralaKannurKannurAssistant Professor2018-03-17 21:46:22
Project Assistant Job Opening in SCTIMST01Rs. 18,000/- March 26, 2018KeralaThiruvananthapuram Thiruvananthapuram Project Assistant2018-03-15 23:02:23
University of Calicut, Kozhikode Vacancy for Lecturer01 PostRs. 40,700/- per monthMarch 25, 2018KeralaKozhikodeKozhikodeLecturer2018-03-13 18:02:28
Project Coordinator Job Opening in SCTIMST01Rs. 16,500-17,500/- March 22, 2018KeralaThiruvananthapuram Thiruvananthapuram Project Coordinator2018-03-13 07:58:35
Young Professional Job Openings in CMFRI Cochin02Rs. 25,000/- March 26, 2018KeralaCochinCochinYoung Professional2018-03-13 07:38:14
KSRCL, Kannur Job Opening for Production Supervisor01 PostRs. 7,340-10,415/- per monthMarch 31, 2018KeralaKannurkannurProduction Supervisor2018-03-12 21:50:59
Medical Officer Job Opening in Cochin Port Trust01Rs. 50,000/- March 16, 2018KeralaCochinCochinMedical Officer2018-03-12 17:24:40
IIITM Kerala, Thiruvananthpuram Job for Senior Android Developer01 PostRs. 20,000/- per monthMarch 16, 2018KeralaThiruvananthpuramThiruvananthpuramSenior Android Developer2018-03-09 23:39:36
Kerala Agricultural University, Thrissur Job for Assistant Professors02 PostsRs. 35,000/- per monthMarch 21, 2018KeralaThrissurThrissurAssistant Professors2018-03-08 19:52:05
Teaching Assistant Job Opening in IIM Kozhikode01Rs. 18,000/- March 14, 2018KeralaKozhikode Kozhikode Teaching Assistant2018-03-08 09:52:58
Assistant Professor Job Openings in Kerala Agricultural University08Rs. 35,000/- March 19, 2018KeralaKasaragodKasaragodAssistant Professor2018-03-08 09:20:40
KTDFC, Thiruvananthapuram Recruitment for Assistant Manager02 PostsRs. 40,000/- per monthMarch 26, 2018KeralaThiruvananthapuramThiruvananthapuramAssistant Manager2018-03-07 23:59:24
Malabar Cancer Centre, Kannur Job for Blood Bank Counsellor01 PostRs. 13,000/- per monthMarch 14, 2018KeralaKannurKannurBlood Bank Counsellor2018-03-07 16:47:40
Cochin Shipyard Limited, Kochi Job Opening for Safety Assistant07 PostsRs. 18,400/- per monthMarch 19, 2018KeralaCochinCochinSafety Assistant2018-03-07 16:11:46
Technical Assistant Job Opening in SCTIMST01Rs. 30,300/- March 12, 2018KeralaThiruvananthapuram Thiruvananthapuram Technical Assistant2018-03-07 08:00:30
IMHN, Kozhikode Recruitment for Assistant Professors06 PostsRs. 36600-79200/- per monthMarch 15, 2018KeralaKozhikode KozhikodeAssistant Professors2018-03-06 16:04:26
KSCDCL, Kottayam Recruitment for Sales Representative01 PostNAMarch 15, 2018KeralaKottayamKottayamSales Representative2018-03-06 15:16:52
Computer Operator and Research Job Openings in Kerala Agricultural University04Rs. 10,000-40,000/- March 14, 2018KeralaKasaragodKasaragodComputer Operator and Research Jobs2018-03-06 08:19:57
MDB, Thiruvananthpuram Vacancy for Executive Officer09 PostsRs. 7,990-12,930/- per monthMarch 17, 2018KeralaThiruvananthpuramThiruvananthpuramExecutive Officer2018-03-05 23:21:40
Malabar Cancer Centre, Kannur Job for Medical Records Assistant01 PostRs. 22,000/- per monthMarch 5, 2018KeralaKannurKannurMedical Records Assistant2018-03-01 23:02:33
Teaching Assistant Job Openings in Kerala Agricultural University03Rs. 35000/- March 10, 2018KeralaKasaragodKasaragodTeaching Assistant2018-03-01 11:02:19
KSIDCL, Thiruvananthpuram Job for Business Development Executive01 PostRs. 25,000/- per monthMarch 14, 2018KeralaThiruvananthpuramThiruvananthpuramBusiness Development Executive2018-02-28 22:09:25
Occupational Therapist and Various Job Openings in University of Calicut05Rs. 21,000-44,000/- March 5, 2018KeralaCalicutCalicutOccupational Therapist and Various Jobs2018-02-28 10:38:46
CPCRI, Kollam Job Opening 2018 for Field Assistant01 PostRs. 12,000/- per monthMarch 15, 2018KeralaKollamKollamField Assistant2018-02-27 21:44:14
RBDCKL, Kochi Job Opening 2018 for Manager01 PostRs. 25,000-40,000/- per monthMarch 9, 2018KeralaKochiKochiManager2018-02-27 19:28:43
Support Engineer and Junior Admin Associate Job Openings in IIM Kozhikode05Rs. 12,300-25,300/- March 2, 2018KeralaKozhikode Kozhikode Support Engineer and Junior Admin Associate 2018-02-27 10:39:41
Support Staff Job Opening in IIM Kozhikode01Rs. 18,000/- March 7, 2018KeralaKozhikode Kozhikode Support Staff2018-02-26 14:06:56
KBB, Thiruvananthpuram Job for Assistant-cum-Cashier01 PostRs. 25,200-54,000/- per monthMarch 31, 2018KeralaThiruvananthpuramThiruvananthpuramAssistant-cum-Cashier2018-02-24 21:37:24
Kerala Administrative Tribunal Vacancy for Administrative Member01 PostNAMarch 31, 2018KeralaKeralaKeralaAdministrative Member2018-02-24 20:35:53
Centre for Management Development, Alappuzha Job for Factory Manager01 PostRs. 25,000/- per monthMarch 7, 2018KeralaAlappuzhaAlappuzhaFactory Manager2018-02-23 20:30:19
Project Officer Job Opening in C-DAC Thiruvananthapuram01Rs. 26500/- March 14, 2018KeralaThiruvananthapuramThiruvananthapuramProject Officer2018-02-23 10:55:50
Accounting Assistant Job Opening in IIM Kozhikode01Rs. 20,000/- March 4, 2018KeralaKozhikode Kozhikode Accounting Assistant2018-02-23 10:52:46
TTPL, Thiruvananthpuram Vacancy for Project Engineers05 PostsRs. 40,000/- per monthMarch 20, 2018KeralaThiruvananthpuram ThiruvananthpuramProject Engineers2018-02-22 23:19:38
Data Entry Operator and SRF Job Openings in CMFRI Cochin02Rs. 6000-16,000/- February 26, 2018KeralaCochinCochinData Entry Operator and SRF2018-02-21 22:05:56
Overseer Job Opening in University of CalicutRs. 19950/-February 26, 2018KeralaCalicutCalicutOverseer 2018-02-21 20:09:18
CUSAT, Kochi Job for System Engineer and Others05 PostsRs. 15,600-39,100/- per monthMarch 5, 2018KeralaKochiKochiSystem Engineer2018-02-20 19:38:34
Calicut University Job Opening 2018 for Technician01 PostRs. 25,000/- per monthFebruary 28, 2018KeralaCalicutCalicutTechnician2018-02-19 23:30:23
IIT Palakkad Job Opening for Assistant ProfessorsNARs. 1,01,500 -1,67,400/- per monthMarch 28, 2018KeralaPalakkadPalakkadAssistant Professors2018-02-19 22:35:35
KDRB, Thiruvananthpuram Job for Executive Officer09 PostsRs. 7,990-12,930/- per monthMarch 17, 2018KeralaThiruvananthpuramThiruvananthpuram Executive Officer2018-02-19 19:27:10
KUFOS, Kochi Job Opening 2018 for Assistant07 PostsRs. 29,200/- per monthFebruary 28, 2018KeralaKochiKochiAssistant2018-02-17 21:19:48
CUSAT, Kochi Job Opening for Technical Assistant01 PostRs. 36,600/- per monthMarch 8, 2018KeralaKochiKochiTechnical Assistant2018-02-15 22:48:41
NATPAC, Thiruvananthapuram Job Opening for Scientist08 PostsRs. 15,600-39,100/- per monthMarch 9, 2018KeralaThiruvananthapuramThiruvananthapuramScientist2018-02-14 23:18:17
IIITM Kerala Job Opening for Assistant Librarian01 PostRs. 57,700-1,82,400/- per monthFebruary 27, 2018KeralaThiruvananthpuramThiruvananthpuramAssistant Librarian2018-02-13 20:51:56
Apprentice Job Openings in Coconut Development BoardRs. 6250/- February 23, 2018KeralaKochiKochiApprentice2018-02-13 19:02:43
Travancore Cements Ltd, Kottayam Vacancy for Manager01 PostRs. 12,930/- per monthFebruary 24, 2018KeralaKottayamKottayamManager2018-02-12 23:49:06
Skilled Contractual Staff Job Openings in CMFRI Cochin06Rs. 15500/- February 23, 2018KeralaCochinCochinSkilled Contractual Staff2018-02-12 17:35:00
Technical Officer Job Opening in Coconut Development BoardRs. 26775/- February 19, 2018KeralaKochiKochiTechnical Officer2018-02-12 17:06:03
Admin Associate Job Opening in IIM KozhikodeRs. 16300/-February 14, 2018KeralaKozhikode Kozhikode Admin Associate2018-02-11 00:40:22
IIM Kozhikode Job Opening for Accounting Assistant01 PostRs. 20,300/- per monthFebruary 15, 2018KeralaKozhikodeKozhikodeAccounting Assistant2018-02-10 22:37:52
TCCL, Kochi Job for Operator, Fitter Mechanic & Helper39 PostsRs. 16,000/- per monthFebruary 23, 2018KeralaKochiKochiOperator2018-02-10 16:46:00
Technical Assistant Job Opening in RGCB Tvm01Rs. 10,000/- February 15, 2018KeralaThiruvananthapuram Thiruvananthapuram Technical Assistant2018-02-09 16:56:45
Kochi Metro Rail Recruitment for Assistant Managers02 PostsRs. 20,600-46,500/- per monthFebruary 21, 2018KeralaKochiKochiAssistant Managers2018-02-09 16:46:58
Project Assistant Job Opening in SCTIMST01Rs. 18,000/- February 20, 2018KeralaThiruvananthapuram Thiruvananthapuram Project Assistant2018-02-09 15:55:11
NIT Calicut Job Opening for Assistant Manager01 PostRs. 30,000/- per monthFebruary 17, 2018KeralaKozhikodeKozhikodeAssistant Manager2018-02-08 22:34:45
Project Assistant Job Opening in RGCB Tvm01Rs. 15,000/- February 23, 2018KeralaThiruvananthapuram Thiruvananthapuram Project Assistant2018-02-08 21:20:07
Pump Operator (Electrician) Job Openings in NIT Calicut10Rs. 12,500/- February 16, 2018KeralaCalicutCalicutPump Operator (Electrician) 2018-02-07 20:30:45
KSBB, Thiruvananthpuram Job for Financial Assistance01 PostNAFebruary 28, 2018KeralaThiruvananthpuramThiruvananthpuram Financial Assistance2018-02-05 23:53:27
Junior Hindi Translator cum Typist Job Opening in SCTIMST01Rs. 30,300/-February 8, 2018Kerala Thiruvananthapuram Thiruvananthapuram Junior Hindi Translator cum Typist2018-02-03 17:55:51
Electrician Job Openings in NIT Calicut29Rs. 12,500/- February 13, 2018KeralaCalicutCalicutElectrician 2018-02-03 17:52:59
Assistant Professor Job Opening in SCTIMST01Rs. 47500/- February 7, 2018Kerala Thiruvananthapuram Thiruvananthapuram Assistant Professor 2018-02-02 13:11:33
KMSCL, Thiruvavnanthpuram Job for Deputy Manager & Depot-in-Charge02 PostsRs. 30,000/- per monthFebruary 14, 2018KeralaThiruvavnanthpuram ThiruvavnanthpuramDeputy Manager2018-02-01 23:03:42
Young Professional Job Openings in IISR Kozhikode02Rs. 25000/- February 17, 2018KeralaKozhikode Kozhikode Young Professional 2018-02-01 15:52:44
CUSAT, Kochi Recruitment for Assistant Professors02 PostsRs. 40,000/- per monthFebruary 23, 2018KeralaKochiKochiAssistant Professors2018-01-31 23:23:21
Cochin International Airport, Kochi Job for Junior Manager Trainees12 PostsRs. 16400-3%-40500/- per monthFebruary 15, 2018KeralaKochiKochiJunior Manager Trainees2018-01-31 23:10:26
NIT Calicut Job Opening for Clinical Psychologist02 PostsRs. 30,000/- per monthFebruary 6, 2018KeralaKozhikodeKozhikodeClinical Psychologist2018-01-29 23:59:21
Accounts Assistant Job Opening in IIITM Kerala01Rs. 20,000-25,000/- February 12, 2018KeralaThiruvananthapuramThiruvananthapuramAccounts Assistant2018-01-29 23:57:53
KSFDC, Thiruvananthpuram Job for Sub Editor & Junior Accountant02 PostsRs. 20,000/- per monthFebruary 5, 2018KeralaThiruvananthpuramThiruvananthpuramJunior Accountant2018-01-29 19:42:54
KSINCL, Kochi Job Opening for Marketing Manager01 PostRs. 30,000/- per monthFebruary 7, 2018KeralaKochiKochiMarketing Manager2018-01-25 23:56:40
KSWB, Kochi Recruitment for Survey Assistant01 PostRs. 20,000/- per monthJanuary 30, 2018KeralaKochiKochiSurvey Assistant2018-01-25 22:33:09
Research Nurse Job Openings in SCTIMST02Rs. 20,000/- January 31, 2018KeralaThiruvananthapuram Thiruvananthapuram Research Nurse2018-01-25 14:37:45
IIITM Kerala, Thiruvananthpuram Job for Accounts Assistant01 PostRs. 20,000-25,000/- per monthFebruary 12, 2018KeralaThiruvananthpuramThiruvananthpuramAccounts Assistant2018-01-24 23:41:29
KELTRON, Alappuzha Job Opening for Consultant01 PostRs. 40,000-60,000/- per monthFebruary 23, 2018KeralaAlappuzhaAlappuzhaConsultant2018-01-24 23:17:40
KSRRDA, Thiruvananthpuram Job for Overseer & Accredited Engineers62 PostsRs. 20,000/- per monthFebruary 8, 2018KeralaThiruvananthpuramThiruvananthpuramAccredited Engineers2018-01-24 23:03:38
Scanning Assistant and Data Entry Operator Job Openings in C-DIT TvmJanuary 27, 2018KeralaThiruvananthapuram Thiruvananthapuram Scanning Assistant and Data Entry Operator2018-01-24 15:57:49
Tutor Job Opening in Cochin Port Trust01Rs. 18,880/- February 9, 2018KeralaCochinCochinTutor2018-01-24 07:42:57
Junior Medical Officer Job Openings in SCTIMST02Rs. 60,000/- January 31, 2018KeralaThiruvananthapuram Thiruvananthapuram Junior Medical Officer2018-01-24 07:30:53
Junior Technical Assistant Job Opening in SCTIMST01Rs. 25,500/- January 30, 2018KeralaThiruvananthapuram Thiruvananthapuram Junior Technical Assistant 2018-01-23 15:34:42
RCC, Thiruvananthpuram Job for Project Engineer01 PostRs. 40,000-50,000/- per monthJanuary 30, 2018KeralaThiruvananthpuramThiruvananthpuramProject Engineer2018-01-22 14:39:09
KSERC, Thiruvananthpuram Recruitment for Junior Consultant01 PostRs. 20,000/- per monthJanuary 31, 2018KeralaThiruvananthpuramThiruvananthpuramJunior Consultant2018-01-22 14:19:33
Project Technician Job Opening in SCTIMST01Rs. 16,000/- February 2, 2018Kerala Thiruvananthapuram Thiruvananthapuram Project Technician2018-01-22 08:26:42
School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi Job for Assistant Professor24 PostsRs. 60,000-70,000/- per monthJanuary 29, 2018DelhiDelhiDelhiAssistant Professor2018-01-21 11:22:32
KFWD, Wayand Recruitment 2018 for Sociologist01 PostRs. 25,000/- per monthJanuary 31, 2018KeralaWayandWayandSociologist2018-01-20 14:28:06
KMML, Kollam Job Opening for Junior Safety Inspector01 PostRs. 12070-32830/- per monthFebruary 5, 2018KeralaKollamKollamJunior Safety Inspector2018-01-19 19:58:06
HMT Machine Tools Limited, Kalamassery Vacancy for Project Associate18 PostsRs. 13,000/- per monthJanuary 27, 2018KeralaKalamasseryKalamasseryProject Associate2018-01-18 15:15:16
CMD, Thiruvananthpuram Job for Project Engineer & Others11 PostsRs. 80,000/- per monthFebruary 1, 2018KeralaThiruvananthpuramThiruvananthpuramProject Engineer2018-01-18 14:23:03
Project Scientist Job Opening in SCTIMST01Rs. 20,000/- January 29, 2018Kerala Thiruvananthapuram Thiruvananthapuram Project Scientist 2018-01-18 09:43:53
CSIR-NIIST, Thiruvananthpuram Vacancy for Project Assistant06 PostsRs. 15,000/- per monthFebruary 5, 2018KeralaThiruvananthpuram ThiruvananthpuramProject Assistant2018-01-17 22:01:51
NIT Calicut Job Opening 2018 for Faculty02 postsRs. 50,000/- per monthJanuary 25, 2018KeralaKozhikodeKozhikodeFaculty2018-01-17 21:19:13
SIFL, Thiruvananthpuram Job for Engineer and Executive Trainees03 PostsRs. 15,000/- per monthFebruary 5, 2018KeralaThiruvananthpuramThiruvananthpuramEngineer Trainees2018-01-17 20:58:33
Technical Assistant Job Openings in SCTIMST02Rs. 30300/- January 23, 2018KeralaThiruvananthapuram Thiruvananthapuram Technical Assistant2018-01-17 11:01:44
Research Nurse Job Openings in SCTIMST02Rs. 20,000/- January 24, 2018KeralaThiruvananthapuram Thiruvananthapuram Research Nurse 2018-01-16 07:40:43
Kerala Financial Corporation, Trivandrum Job for Marketing Executive03 PostsRs. 25,000/- per monthJanuary 31, 2018KeralaTrivandrumTrivandrumMarketing Executive2018-01-14 23:26:08
NUALS, Ernakulam Job for Public Relations Officer01 PostNAJanuary 18, 2018KeralaErnakulamErnakulamPublic Relations Officer2018-01-14 23:08:05
IIM Kozhikode Job for Academic Associate01 PostRs. 15,000-20,000/- per monthJanuary 31, 2018KeralaKozhikodeKozhikodeAcademic Associate2018-01-13 23:19:19
IIM Kozhikode Job Opening for Senior Support Engineer01 postRs. 16,300/- per monthJanuary 22, 2018KeralaKozhikodeKozhikodeSenior Support Engineer2018-01-11 23:58:32
Junior Medical Officer Job Openings in SCTIMST02Rs. 60,000/- January 24, 2018Kerala Thiruvananthapuram Thiruvananthapuram Junior Medical Officer 2018-01-11 14:00:55
Spices Research Trainee Job Openings in Spices Board Cochin16Rs. 17000/- January 17, 2018KeralaCochinCochinSpices Research Trainee 2018-01-10 11:02:58
Junior Social Worker Job Openings in SCTIMST02Rs. 30300/- January 18, 2018KeralaThiruvananthapuram Thiruvananthapuram Junior Social Worker2018-01-10 09:35:40
Project Engineer/ Scientist Job Opening in SCTIMST01Rs. 20,000-25,000/- January 19, 2018Kerala Thiruvananthapuram Thiruvananthapuram Senior Project Engineer/ Scientist 2018-01-09 09:00:54
Nurse Job Opening in Cochin Port Trust01Rs. 18,000/- January 23, 2018KeralaCochinCochinNurse2018-01-09 08:33:46
Senior Resident Job Openings in MCC Kannur13Rs. 62,000/- February 10, 2018KeralaKannurKannurSenior Resident 2018-01-09 07:40:15
Sign Language Teacher/ Lecturer and Project Associate Job Openings in NISH TvmJanuary 15, 2018KeralaThiruvananthapuram Thiruvananthapuram Sign Language Teacher/ Lecturer and Project Associate2018-01-08 10:31:53
Technical Assistant Job Openings in SCTIMST02Rs. 30300/- January 12, 2018KeralaThiruvananthapuram Thiruvananthapuram Technical Assistant2018-01-06 09:00:59
Library and Information Associate Job Openings in IIM Kozhikode03Rs. 10300/- January 12, 2018KeralaKozhikode Kozhikode Library and Information Associate 2018-01-05 07:48:46
CSL, Kochi Job Opening for Ship Draftman Trainees14 PostsNAJanuary 15, 2018KeralaKochiKochiShip Draftman Trainees2018-01-04 10:52:17
Teaching Assistant Job Openings in KAURs. 35000/- January 19, 2018KeralaKasaragodKasaragodTeaching Assistant2018-01-04 10:51:15
Laboratory Assistant Job Opening in IIITM Kerala01Rs. 18,000/- January 6, 2018KeralaThiruvananthapuramThiruvananthapuramLaboratory Assistant2018-01-03 08:23:11
KELTRO, Thiruvananthpuram Job for Engineer & Technical Assistant10 postsRs. 15500- 23500/- per monthJanuary 8, 2018KeralaThiruvananthpuramThiruvananthpuramEngineer2018-01-02 16:20:31
Senior Project Engineer Job Opening in SCTIMST01Rs. 25000/- January 20, 2018KeralaThiruvananthapuram Thiruvananthapuram Senior Project Engineer 2018-01-02 11:18:47
High Court of Kerala, Kochi Job for Confidential Assistant01 PostRs. 26,500-56,700/- per monthFebruary 2, 2018KeralaKochiKochiConfidential Assistant2018-01-01 10:06:41
Data Entry Supervisor Job Opening in CMFRI Cochin01Rs.15000/- January 5, 2018KeralaCochinCochinData Entry Supervisor 2017-12-31 02:48:29
KFRI, Thrissur Job for Technical Assistant and Project Fellow02 PostsRs. 22,000/- per monthJanuary 8, 2018KeralaThrissurThrissurTechnical Assistant 2017-12-29 23:54:59
Project Executive Job Openings in CPCRI Kerala03Rs. 25,000/- January 11, 2018KeralaKasaragodKasaragodProject Executive 2017-12-29 13:30:38
Company Trainee Job Openings in HNL Kottayam02Rs. 7500/- January 2, 2018KeralaKottayamKottayamCompany Trainee 2017-12-29 08:27:14
Visiting Fellow Job Opening in IIM KozhikodeJanuary 31, 2018KeralaKozhikode Kozhikode Visiting Fellow2017-12-28 07:20:20
CUSAT, Kochi Job Opening for Programmer02 PostsRs. 40,000/- per monthJanuary 20, 2018KeralaKochi KochiProgrammer2017-12-25 11:57:45
Faculty and Lab Coordinator Job Openings in IISER TVMRs. 20,000-40,000/- December 28, 2017KeralaThiruvananthapuramThiruvananthapuramFaculty and Lab Coordinator2017-12-23 08:20:41
KURDFC, Thiruvananthpuram Job for Managing Director01 PostNAJanuary 10, 2018KeralaThiruvananthpuramThiruvananthpuramManaging Director2017-12-22 23:18:06
CUSAT, Kochi Vacancy for Assistant Professor01 PostRs. 42,000/- per monthJanuary 10, 2018KeralaKochiKochiAssistant Professor2017-12-22 21:59:32
Trainee Analyst Job Openings in Spices Board Cochin04Rs. 18000/- January 24, 2018KeralaCochinCochinTrainee Analyst2017-12-21 11:06:33
Field Assistant Job Opening in CPCRI Kerala01Rs. 10,000/- December 28, 2017KeralaKasaragodKasaragodField Assistant 2017-12-20 09:08:04
Kerala PSC Vacancy for Junior Public Health Nurse and Attender02 PostsRs. 22,200-48,000/- per monthJanuary 17, 2018KeralaAnywhere in KeralaAnywhere in KeralaJunior Public Health Nurse 2017-12-19 20:46:06
Research Staff Job Opening in Mahatma Gandhi University Kottayam01January 1, 2018KeralaKottayamKottayamResearch Staff 2017-12-19 10:38:11
Intervention Teacher Job Opening in NISH TvmDecember 22, 2017KeralaThiruvananthapuram Thiruvananthapuram Early Intervention Teacher2017-12-19 08:20:48
CEPCI, Kollam Recruitment for Field Inspectors01 PostNADecember 22, 2017KeralaKollamKollamField Inspectors2017-12-18 23:16:14
KSWDC, Thiruvananthpuram Job for Supervisor/ Senior Call Support Agent02 PostsRs. 22,000/- per monthDecember 22, 2017KeralaThiruvananthpuramThiruvananthpuramSupervisor2017-12-16 23:28:03
Kerala PSC Recruitment for Medical Officer, Teacher & Others08 PostsRs. 23,300-62,700/- per monthJanuary 3, 2018KeralaAnywhere in KeralaAnywhere in KeralaMedical Office2017-12-15 17:07:29
Coconut Development Board, Kochi Vacancy for Field Officer01 PostRs. 25,500-81,100/- per monthJanuary 21, 2018KeralaKochiKochiField Officer2017-12-14 19:07:20
Academic Associate Job Opening in IIM KozhikodeRs. 15000-20000/- December 18, 2017KeralaKozhikode Kozhikode Academic Associate2017-12-14 09:57:54
Field Helper Job Openings in NIT Calicut07Rs. 12500/- December 18, 2017KeralaCalicutCalicutField Helper 2017-12-14 09:26:52
Project Assistant Job Opening in SCTIMSTRs. 16000/- December 22, 2017KeralaThiruvananthapuram Thiruvananthapuram Project Assistant2017-12-13 11:30:56
Overseer Job Opening in University of CalicutRs. 19950/- December 14, 2017KeralaCalicutCalicutOverseer 2017-12-13 09:57:59
KELTRON, Kozhikode Recruitment for Technical Assistant02 PostsRs. 10800-13500/- per monthDecember 21, 2017KeralaKozhikodeKozhikodeTechnical Assistant2017-12-12 19:19:20
Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam Vacancy for Women Inspector01 PostRs. 12,500/- per monthDecember 20, 2017KeralaKottayamKottayamWomen Inspector2017-12-12 16:41:38
Faculty Member Job Opening in IIM KozhikodeJanuary 31, 2018KeralaKozhikode Kozhikode Faculty Member2017-12-12 13:33:06
Kerala Co-operative Bank Job for Faculty Member & Research Associate02 PostsRs. 30,000/- per monthDecember 30, 2017KeralaThiruvananthpuramThiruvananthpuramFaculty Member2017-12-09 23:48:30
MPEDA, Kochi Job Opening for Accounts Officers01 PostRs. 9,300-34,800/- per monthJanuary 5, 2018KeralaKochiKochiAccounts Officers2017-12-09 22:14:24
Project Assistant Job Opening in SCTIMST01Rs. 12000/- December 19, 2017KeralaThiruvananthapuram Thiruvananthapuram Project Assistant2017-12-09 14:42:47
Trade Apprentices Job Openings in HNL Kottayam48Rs. 6250-7000/- December 12, 2017KeralaKottayamKottayamTrade Apprentices2017-12-08 14:01:22
Graduate Apprentice Job Openings in SCTIMST07Rs. 7500/- December 21, 2017KeralaThiruvananthapuram Thiruvananthapuram Graduate Apprentice 2017-12-08 12:50:47
Kerala Financial Corporation, Thiruvananthapuram Job for Deputy Managers05 PostsRs. 32,200/- per monthJanuary 6, 2018KeralaThiruvananthapuramThiruvananthapuramDeputy Managers2017-12-07 20:57:31
Field Investigator Job Openings in CPCRI Kerala02Rs. 12000/- December 20, 2017KeralaKasaragodKasaragodField Investigator2017-12-07 15:00:38
Technical Assistant Job Opening in SCTIMST01Rs. 30300/- December 19, 2017KeralaThiruvananthapuram Thiruvananthapuram Technical Assistant2017-12-07 09:32:46
C-MET, Thrissur Job Opening for Office Clerk01 PostRs. 19,900-63,200/- per monthJanuary 31, 2018KeralaThrissurThrissurOffice Clerk2017-12-06 23:13:11
Venom Collection Coordinator Job Opening in SCTIMST01Rs. 35,000/- December 10, 2017KeralaThiruvananthapuram Thiruvananthapuram Venom Collection Coordinator2017-12-06 10:52:39
HOCL, Kochi Job Opening for Junior Chemist01 PostRs. 23,990/- per monthDecember 14, 2017KeralaKochiKochiJunior Chemist2017-12-04 19:22:14
Computer Assistant and Research Staff Job Openings in Kerala University02December 8, 2017KeralaKeralaKeralaComputer Assistant and Research Staff 2017-12-04 12:46:38
Cochin Port Trust, Kochi Vacancy for Assistant Manager01 PostRs. 60,000/- per monthDecember 15, 2017KeralaKochiKochiAssistant Manager2017-12-02 20:23:56
Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam Recruitment for Field Assistant01 PostRs. 12,000/- per monthDecember 11, 2017KeralaKottayamKottayamField Assistant2017-12-01 21:35:56
CUSAT, Kochi Vacancy for Assistant Professors03 PostsRs. 42,000/- per monthDecember 28, 2017KeralaKochiKochiAssistant Professors2017-12-01 19:51:31
Assistant Job Openings in NIT Calicut04Rs. 17500/- December 6, 2017KeralaCalicutCalicutAssistant 2017-12-01 15:19:24
Admin Associate Job Opening in IIM KozhikodeRs. 16300/- December 13, 2017KeralaKozhikode Kozhikode Admin Associate2017-12-01 11:41:15
Senior Project Engineer Job Opening in SCTIMST01Rs. 20,000/- December 12, 2017KeralaThiruvananthapuram Thiruvananthapuram Senior Project Engineer 2017-11-30 09:38:08
Personal Assistant Job Openings in High Court of Kerala08Rs. 27800-59400/- December 28, 2017KeralaKochiKochiPersonal Assistant 2017-11-30 08:42:50
Cochin Shipyard Limited, Kochi Job for Safety Assistants15 PostsRs. 18,400/- per monthDecember 10, 2017KeralaKochiKochiSafety Assistants2017-11-29 20:44:57
Company Trainee Job in Hindustan Newsprint Limited, Kottayam01 PostRs. 7,500/- per monthDecember 5, 2017KeralaKottayamKottayamCompany Trainee2017-11-28 19:16:19
University of Kerala, Thiruvananthpuram Job for Assistant Professors43 PostsRs. 15,600-39,100/- per monthDecember 28, 2017KeralaThiruvananthpuramThiruvananthpuramAssistant Professors2017-11-28 18:32:57
Driver Job Opening in SCTIMST01Rs. 17300/- December 6, 2017KeralaThiruvananthapuram Thiruvananthapuram Driver2017-11-28 10:34:47
VSSC, Thiruvananthpuram Vacancy for Medical Officer07 PostsNADecember 8, 2017KeralaThiruvananthpuramThiruvananthpuramMedical Officer2017-11-27 20:43:52
Medical Superintendent Job Opening in SCTIMST01Rs.1,44,200- Rs.2,18,200/- December 27, 2017KeralaThiruvananthapuram Thiruvananthapuram Medical Superintendent2017-11-27 11:13:25
HOCL, Ambalamugal Job Opening for TechniciansNARs. 22,353/- per monthDecember 7, 2017KeralaAmbalamugalAmbalamugalTechnicians2017-11-25 19:24:25
Teaching Assistant Job Opening in IIM KozhikodeRs. 18000/- November 28, 2017KeralaKozhikode Kozhikode Teaching Assistant2017-11-25 12:49:58
Patient Care Assistant Job Openings in MCC Kannur10Rs. 5000/- November 29, 2017KeralaKannurKannurPatient Care Assistant2017-11-25 08:33:15
Kerala PSC Job for Deputy Accounts Manager & Others on 183 Posts183 PostsNADecember 6, 2017KeralaAnywhere in KeralaAnywhere in KeralaDeputy Accounts Manager2017-11-24 21:49:28
Kerala TET 2017 Notification Released, Apply NowAnywhere in IndiaAnywhere in IndiaAnywhere in India2017-11-21 20:31:06
Executive Assistant Job Opening in IIITM Kerala01Rs. 25,000/- November 30, 2017KeralaThiruvananthapuramThiruvananthapuramExecutive Assistant2017-11-21 12:24:21
Assistant Engineer and Various Job Openings in C-DIT Tvm09November 27, 2017KeralaThiruvananthapuram Thiruvananthapuram Assistant Engineer and Various Jobs 2017-11-21 11:29:07
Audio Visual Engineer Job Opening in IIM Kozhikode01Rs. 30300/- November 23, 2017KeralaKozhikode Kozhikode Audio Visual Engineer2017-11-21 10:23:15
NRHM, Idukki Job Opening for DGIC Manager & Pharmacist02 postsRs. 20,000/-November 28, 2017KeralaIdukkiIdukkiDGIC Manager2017-11-20 16:56:56
Project Attendant Job Opening in SCTIMST01Rs. 7000/- December 1, 2017KeralaThiruvananthapuram Thiruvananthapuram Project Attendant2017-11-19 06:13:55
Technical Assistant Job Opening in SCTIMSTRs. 30300/- November 28, 2017KeralaThiruvananthapuram Thiruvananthapuram Technical Assistant 2017-11-18 12:52:30
Office Assistant Job Opening in NIT CalicutRs. 12500/- November 21, 2017KeralaCalicutCalicutOffice Assistant 2017-11-18 11:11:34
122 Technical Assistant Job Openings in NIT CalicutDecember 4, 2017KeralaCalicutCalicutTechnical Assistant2017-11-17 13:25:17
Project Engineer Job Opening in SCTIMST01Rs. 14500/- November 29, 2017Kerala Thiruvananthapuram Thiruvananthapuram Project Engineer2017-11-17 11:33:05
University of Kerala, Thiruvananthpuram Job for Manuscript Assistant01 PostNANovember 24, 2017KeralaThiruvananthpuramThiruvananthpuramManuscript Assistant2017-11-16 17:40:39
Graphic Designer/ Content Editor and Developer Job Openings in C-DIT Tvm03November 21, 2017KeralaThiruvananthapuram Thiruvananthapuram Graphic Designer/ Content Editor and Developer2017-11-16 14:41:33
Project Engineer Job Opening in SCTIMST01Rs. 14500/- November 30, 2017KeralaThiruvananthapuram Thiruvananthapuram Project Engineer2017-11-16 12:02:54
C-DAC, Thiruvananthpuram Recruitment for Project Engineers27 PostsRs. 29,150/- per monthNovember 29, 2017KeralaThiruvananthpuramThiruvananthpuramProject Engineers2017-11-15 18:28:32
Senior Project Engineer Job Openings in SCTIMST02Rs. 20,000/- November 28, 2017KeralaThiruvananthapuram Thiruvananthapuram Senior Project Engineer2017-11-15 15:13:37
Marketing Executive and Executive Engineer Trainee Job Openings in ITI Limited Palakkad11November 30, 2017KeralaPalakkad Palakkad Marketing Executive and Executive Engineer Trainee2017-11-15 14:33:41
Skilled Assistant Job Opening in KAU01Rs. 400/ Per DayNovember 17, 2017KeralaKasaragodKasaragodSkilled Assistant2017-11-15 12:35:55
ITI Limited, Palakkad Job for Marketing Executive/ Assistant Executive12 PostsRs. 15,000/- per monthNovember 30, 2017KeralaPalakkadPalakkadMarketing Executive2017-11-14 19:30:08
Sign language Instructor and Interpreter Job Opening in NISHNovember 20, 2017KeralaThiruvananthapuram Thiruvananthapuram Sign language Instructor and Interpreter2017-11-14 14:52:04
Project Scientific Assistant Job Opening in SCTIMST01Rs. 12000/- November 24, 2017KeralaThiruvananthapuram Thiruvananthapuram Project Scientific Assistant2017-11-14 12:49:48
Indian Naval Academy Job for Assistant ProfessorsNANANovember 28, 2017KeralaKannurKannurAssistant Professors2017-11-13 19:41:41
Medical Gastroenterologist Job Opening in RCC TvmRs. 2000/- Per Routine November 25, 2017KeralaThiruvananthapuramThiruvananthapuram2017-11-13 14:53:24
Support Staff Job Openings in CTCRI TVM01Rs.8000/- November 29, 2017KeralaThiruvananthapuramThiruvananthapuramSupport Staff 2017-11-13 13:02:02
Project Scientist Recruitment in SCTIMST01Rs. 17500/-November 22, 2017KeralaThiruvananthapuram Thiruvananthapuram Project Scientist2017-11-13 09:39:46
LBSCST, Thiruvananthpuram Recruitment for Civil Engineer01 PostRs. 19240-34500/- per monthNovember 30, 2017KeralaThiruvananthpuramThiruvananthpuramCivil Engineer2017-11-12 19:50:52
Project Scientist Job Opening in SCTIMST01Rs. 17500/-November 22, 2017KeralaThiruvananthapuram Thiruvananthapuram Project Scientist2017-11-11 12:10:01
Staff Nurse Job Opening in SCTIMSTRs. 38500/-November 23, 2017KeralaThiruvananthapuram Thiruvananthapuram Staff Nurse2017-11-10 11:50:43
Kerala Judicial Service Examination 2017, Apply NowAnywhere in IndiaAnywhere in IndiaAnywhere in India2017-11-09 23:47:39
KVASU, Thrissur Recruitment for Computer Assistant01 PostNANovember 20, 2017KeralaThrissurThrissurComputer Assistant2017-11-09 23:01:53
CPCRI, Kasaragod Job Opening for Field Assistant02 PostsRs. 12,000/- per monthNovember 28, 2017KeralaKasaragodKasaragodField Assistant2017-11-09 22:21:24
Lab Technician Job Opening in RCC TvmRs.13000/- November 25, 2017KeralaThiruvananthapuramThiruvananthapuramLab Technician2017-11-09 11:49:34
Field and Project Assistant Job Openings in IISER TVM02Rs.10000-25000/- November 20, 2017KeralaThiruvananthapuramThiruvananthapuramField and Project Assistant 2017-11-08 13:28:13
Publication Relation Officer Job Opening in SCTIMST01Rs. 45000/- November 22, 2017KeralaThiruvananthapuram Thiruvananthapuram Publication Relation Officer2017-11-08 12:29:26
Kerala PSC Recruitment for Junior Language Teacher09 PostsRs. 18,000-41,500/- per monthDecember 6, 2017KeralaAnywhere in KeralaAnywhere in KeralaJunior Language Teacher2017-11-07 18:47:58
Senior Resident Job Openings in RCC Tvm16Rs.15600-39100/- November 14, 2017KeralaThiruvananthapuramThiruvananthapuramSenior Resident 2017-11-06 12:21:22
Multi Tasking Staff Job Openings in NIT Calicut02Rs.19000/- November 10, 2017KeralaCalicutCalicutMulti Tasking Staff2017-11-06 11:49:46
Medical Record Assistant Job Opening in SCTIMST01Rs. 30300/- November 17, 2017KeralaThiruvananthapuram Thiruvananthapuram Medical Record Assistant 2017-11-06 11:32:31
IKM, Thiruvananthpuram Job for Junior Database Expert01 PostRs. 30,000-50,000/- per monthNovember 20, 2017KeralaThiruvananthpuramThiruvananthpuramJunior Database Expert2017-11-04 21:45:16
IIITM Kerala, Thiruvananthpuram Vacancy for Technical Assistant01 PostRs. 13,000/- per monthNovember 13, 2017KeralaThiruvananthpuramThiruvananthpuramTechnical Assistant2017-11-04 20:09:41
Apprentice Job Openings in SCTIMST05Rs. 6800/- November 16, 2017KeralaThiruvananthapuram Thiruvananthapuram Apprentice 2017-11-04 13:51:17
Project Executive and Field Assistant Job Openings in CPCRI Kerala23Rs. 12000-25000/- November 13, 2017KeralaKasaragodKasaragodProject Executive and Field Assistant2017-11-04 12:23:32
Malabar Cancer Centre, Kannur Job for Assistant Professor01 postRs. 15,600-39,100/- per monthNovember 27, 2017KeralaKannurKannurAssistant Professor2017-11-03 20:37:41
Project Scientist Job Opening in SCTIMST01Rs. 14500/- November 15, 2017KeralaThiruvananthapuram Thiruvananthapuram Project Scientist 2017-11-03 12:48:17
Technician and Graduate Apprentice Job Openings in C-DAC Thiruvananthapuram27Rs. 3542-4984/- November 7, 2017KeralaThiruvananthapuramThiruvananthapuramTechnician and Graduate Apprentice2017-11-03 11:48:18
KFRI, Thrissur Job Opening for Project Assistant01 PostRs. 19,000/- per monthNovember 7, 2017KeralaThrissurThrissurProject Assistant2017-11-02 18:01:23
Animal Handler Job Opening in SCTIMST01Rs. 7500/- November 13, 2017KeralaThiruvananthapuram Thiruvananthapuram Animal Handler2017-11-01 13:35:18
Executive Engineer Job Opening in SCTIMST01Rs. 40000/- November 16, 2017KeralaThiruvananthapuram Thiruvananthapuram Executive Engineer 2017-10-31 10:45:21
KASE, Thiruvananthpuram Job for Executive and Accounts Officer03 PostsNANovember 13, 2017KeralaThiruvananthpuramThiruvananthpuramAccounts Officer2017-10-30 13:44:10
Technician Job Openings in SCTIMST01Rs. 19000/- November 7, 2017KeralaThiruvananthapuram Thiruvananthapuram Technician 2017-10-30 12:59:04
KSCMMCL, Alappuzha Job for Assistant Manager/ Officer05 PostsRs. 11,910/- per monthNovember 10, 2017KeralaAlappuzhaAlappuzhaAssistant Officer2017-10-30 12:48:59
Apprentice Openings in SCTIMST04Rs. 7500/- November 15, 2017KeralaThiruvananthapuram Thiruvananthapuram Apprentice 2017-10-28 12:56:31
Digital Computer Assistant/ Technical Assistant and Library Assistant Job Openings in NIT Calicut17Rs. 13750-15000/- November 1, 2017KeralaCalicutCalicutDigital Computer Assistant/ Technical Assistant and Library Assistant 2017-10-27 12:39:19
IIITM Kerala Job Recruitment for Assistant Librarian Posts 20170115600-39100+6000 November 8, 2017KeralaThiruvananthapuramAnywhere in IndiaAssistant Librarian2017-10-26 16:31:02
Apprentice Job Openings in SCTIMST02Rs. 6800/- November 1, 2017KeralaThiruvananthapuram Thiruvananthapuram Apprentice 2017-10-26 15:30:49
NRHM Kerala job Opening for Development Therapist and Clinical Psychologist Post 2017October 31, 2017KeralaKottayamAnywhere in IndiaDevelopment Therapist and Clinical Psychologist2017-10-26 11:33:58
Laboratory Helper Job Openings in RGCB Tvm06November 30, 2017KeralaThiruvananthapuram Thiruvananthapuram Laboratory Helper2017-10-25 14:18:35
KAU job Opening for Teaching Assistant Post 20170935000October 26, 2017KeralaPallakadAnywhere in IndiaTeaching Assistant2017-10-24 14:41:08
Technical Assistant Job Openings in SCTIMST02Rs. 30300/- November 2, 2017KeralaThiruvananthapuram Thiruvananthapuram Technical Assistant 2017-10-24 14:18:51
SCTIMST job Opening for Project Assistant Post 20170112000+20%HRANovember 2, 2017KeralaThiruvananantpuramAnywhere in IndiaProject Assistant2017-10-23 18:17:46
KMRL job Recruitment for Junior Architect and Transport Assistant Post 20170216000-30770October 31, 2017KeralaKochiAnywhere in IndiaJunior Architect and Transport Assistant 2017-10-23 17:35:21
NRHM job Opening for Medical Officer and Dietician Post 20170214620-36250October 24, 2017KeralaKollamAnywhere in IndiaDietician and Medical Officer2017-10-23 16:52:32
Spices Extension Trainee Job Opening in Spices Board of India Cochin01Rs.17000/- October 28, 2017KeralaCochinCochinSpices Extension Trainee2017-10-23 15:48:47
Trainee Job Openings in Rubber Board Kerala03Rs. 8000/-November 6, 2017KeralaKottayam Kottayam Trainee2017-10-23 14:23:32
Project Scientist Job Opening in SCTIMST01Rs. 14500/- October 31, 2017KeralaThiruvananthapuram Thiruvananthapuram Project Scientist 2017-10-22 13:11:59
Kerala PSC Recruitment for Managers and Employment Officer04 postsRs. 32,385 – 1,05,035/- per monthNovember 15, 2017KeralaAnywhere in KeralaAnywhere in KeralaManager2017-10-18 16:54:40
Assistant and Coach Job Openings in NIT Calicut12Rs. 8000-17500/- October 24, 2017KeralaCalicutCalicutAssistant and Coach2017-10-18 10:47:19
Kerala PSC Recruitment for Accounts Officer and Shift Supervisor04 PostsRs. 21070— 42410/- per monthNovember 15, 2017KeralaAnywhere in KeralaAnywhere in KeralaAccounts Officer2017-10-17 20:18:26
Project Coordinator and Microbiologist Job Opening in Coconut Development BoardRs. 25000/- October 19, 2017KeralaKochiKochiProject Coordinator and Microbiologist 2017-10-17 12:08:32
Technician Job Openings in SCTIMST02Rs. 19,035/- October 27, 2017KeralaThiruvananthapuram Thiruvananthapuram Technician2017-10-17 11:27:30
LPSC, Thiruvananthpuram Vacancy 2017 for Engineers09 PostsRs. 30,000/- per monthNovember 3, 2017KeralaThiruvananthpuramThiruvananthpuramEngineer2017-10-16 23:08:52
KSSM Counsellor Job Opening in MCC KannurRs. 14500/- October 20, 2017KeralaKannurKannurKSSM Counsellor2017-10-16 21:08:26
KAU Assistant Professor Recruitment 20170235000October 23, 2017KeralaAnywhere in IndiapallikadTeaching Assistant2017-10-16 15:00:30
KSIDC, Thiruvananthpuram Job for Business Development Executive03 PostsRs. 25,000/- per monthNovember 10, 2017KeralaThiruvananthpuramThiruvananthpuramBusiness Development Executive2017-10-13 23:33:06
CUSAT, Kochi Recruitment 2017 for Project Assistant01 PostRs. 16,000/- per monthOctober 31, 2017KeralaKochiKochiProject Assistant2017-10-13 20:31:33
MBGIPS, Kozhikode Job for Scientist and Research Associate02 PostsNAOctober 20, 2017KeralaKozhikodeKozhikodeScientist2017-10-13 20:00:09
Kochi Metro Rail, Kochi Vacancy for Support Staff02 PostsRs. 6670-11470/- per monthOctober 31, 2017KeralaKochiKochiSupport Staff2017-10-12 23:49:17
Estate Supervisor Job Opening in IIM Kozhikode01Rs. 16300/-November 6, 2017KeralaKozhikode Kozhikode Estate Supervisor 2017-10-12 12:51:33
KSIDC, Thiruvananthapuram Job for Business Development Executive01 postRs. 25,000/- per monthNovember 10, 2017KeralaThiruvananthapuramThiruvananthapuramBusiness Development Executive2017-10-11 22:42:44
IIM Kozhikode Job Opening for Academic Associate01 PostRs. 15,000-20,000/- per monthOctober 24, 2017KeralaKozhikode KozhikodeAcademic Associate2017-10-11 20:14:49
Project Coordinator Job Opening in SCTIMST01Rs. 10,000/- October 24, 2017KeralaThiruvananthapuram Thiruvananthapuram Project Coordinator 2017-10-11 14:09:53
KAU, Ladukki Vacancy for Skilled Assistant01 PostRs. 600/- per dayOctober 17, 2017KeralaLadukkiLadukkiSkilled Assistant2017-10-10 22:46:31
Consultant Job Opening in SCTIMST01Rs. 50000/- October 30, 2017KeralaThiruvananthapuram Thiruvananthapuram Consultant2017-10-10 11:59:25
Kannur University Recruitment for Technical AssistantNANAOctober 13, 2017KeralaKannurKannurTechnical Assistant2017-10-09 19:32:46
Scientist/ Engineer and Medical Officer Job Openings in VSSC TVM31October 23, 2017KeralaThiruvananthapuram Thiruvananthapuram Scientist/ Engineer and Medical Officer2017-10-09 13:58:12
VSSC, Thiruvananthpuram Recruitment for Medical Officer01 PostNAOctober 23, 2017KeralaThiruvananthpuramThiruvananthpuramMedical Officer2017-10-07 22:11:46
Project Attendant Job Opening in SCTIMST01Rs. 7000/- October 20, 2017Kerala Thiruvananthapuram Thiruvananthapuram Project Attendant2017-10-07 19:53:43
Accounts Officer and Various Job Openings in MCC KannurRs. 9940-37040/- October 20, 2017KeralaKannurKannurAccounts Officer and Various Jobs2017-10-07 13:37:17
Malabar Cancer Centre, Kannur Job for Technician01 PostRs. 13,210-22,360/- per monthOctober 20, 2017KeralaKannurKannurTechnician2017-10-06 22:48:17
Clinical Attendant Job Openings in University of Calicut02Rs. 10,000/- October 7, 2017KeralaCalicutCalicutClinical Attendant2017-10-06 14:02:11
Cochin Shipyard Limited Job for Project Manager01 PostRs. 50,000/- per monthOctober 15, 2017KeralaCochinCochinProject Manager2017-10-05 21:30:51
Medical Superintendent Job Opening in SCTIMST01Rs. 1,00,000/- October 20, 2017KeralaThiruvananthapuram Thiruvananthapuram Medical Superintendent2017-10-05 13:11:41
Research Nurse Job Opening in RGCB Tvm01Rs.25000/-October 20, 2017KeralaThiruvananthapuram Thiruvananthapuram Research Nurse2017-10-05 12:06:31
KMML, Kollam Vacancy for Various Posts of Engineers48 PostsRs. 16,200/- per monthOctober 12, 2017KeralaKollamKollamProcess Engineer2017-10-05 00:03:41
General Manager/ Legal and Welfare Officer Job Opening in Malabar Cement LimitedRs. 44392-93298/- October 31, 2017KeralaPalakkadPalakkadGeneral Manager/ Legal and Welfare Officer2017-10-04 17:42:33
Administrative Medical Officer Job Opening in SCTIMST01Rs. 60,000/- October 13, 2017KeralaThiruvananthapuram Thiruvananthapuram Administrative Medical Officer2017-10-04 17:19:46
Indian Maritime University, Kochi Vacancy for Medical OfficersNANAOctober 25, 2017KeralaKochiKochiMedical Officers2017-10-03 23:14:46
CUSAT, Kochi Job Opening for University Engineer01 PostRs. 68,700/- per MonthOctober 31, 2017KeralaKochiKochiUniversity Engineer2017-10-03 23:13:31