Handicap is a person having a condition that restricts their ability to function physically, mentally, or socially. India is the largest democratic country in the world and is on its way to become a key player in the global scenario. Therefore, now it’s a government responsibility to ensure that this developmental cycle touches all the able and especially, the disabled citizens of the country. According to the 2001 census, the government figure out that physically handicapped was 2.1% of the entire population. The National Policy identifies the Persons With Disabilities (PWD) as necessary and valuable assets of this country. The basic goal of government is to create an atmosphere with the basic constitutional rights i.e. equality, freedom, justice and dignity for them. This will also guarantee equal opportunities for the PWD thereby ensuring the protection of their rights and enabling their full participation in the society. Government also helps them by giving reservations in various government jobs. These Government Jobs for Physically Challenged People specially kept Handicapped Jobs to give them equal rights like able people. It is evident that the government is sincerely putting in effort for the life enrichment of the PWD.