IAS Main Exam 2017 – Tips and Skills to Boost Up Preparations

IAS Main Exam 2017 - Tips and Skills to Boost Up Preparations
IAS Main Exam 2017 - Tips and Skills to Boost Up Preparations

After getting the result of Indian Administrative Services (IAS) Preliminary Examination, candidates have now started their preparations for its Main examination. It has been said, IAS main is the mother of all civil services examination, so it’s clear that candidates have to strengthen their preparations. So, here we are giving some important tips to the candidates to help them in preparing for Main examination and do their best.

Proper and appropriate skills will help candidates making strategy for IAS Main exams. Check out the skills that are given below:

Cognitive Skills:

Candidates aspiring for IAS are required to gain knowledge through various means test books, reference materials, newspapers, journals etc. due to which a candidate end up acquiring knowledge without making sense of it. Cognitive skills helps candidates to store data as this is the process of acquiring knowledge and understanding through experience, senses and thoughts.

How to improve Cognitive Skills?

IAS is all about making sense out of existing knowledge. It requires presentation of facts and analysis of the knowledge you have. Improving cognitive skills, a candidate should not only depend on books or on the advice of coaching teachers. In fact, candidates must go beyond their preparations and explore the wider path i.e., access to original books, interaction with academic experts like civil servants, university professors or to some journalists etc. approach and knowledge of these people will really help in lifting your knowledge and sense.

Linguistic Skills:

Main examination is a subjective exam so for this linguistic skill is very important which means the art of writing. This skill is required to express sense through writing skills. If a candidate is not good in proper and adequate writing then he/she cannot clear the main examination.

How to improve Linguistic Skills?

Now you are appearing for IAS Main exams, so it is necessary to have perfect writing skills to present your views in more effective way. The main exam is more about crafting beautiful answers than collecting facts, making notes etc. So, it will be better for the candidates to start practicing for their writing part to express their views in clear and effective manner.

Books That Can be Studied to Qualify IAS Main Exams:

Modern India:
1.Bipan Chandra: India’s struggle for independence
2.R. C. Pradhan: From Raj to Swaraj
3.A. R. Desai: Social background of Indian nationalism
4.Nehru: Discovery of India
5.Durga Dutt: India from Curzon to Nehru and after
6.Gazetteer of India: vol II
Post Independent India
1.NCERT: Politics since independence
2.NCERT: Social change and development in India
3.Bipan Chandra: India since independence
4.Paul  R. Brass: Politics in India since independence
World history
1.Arjun Dev and Indira Arjun Dev: A history of the world
2.L. Mukherji: History of Europe
3.L Mukherji: History of the World
Art and culture
1.A. L . Basham: The wonder that was India
2.Gazetteer of India: vol II
3.NCERT: The Indian arts
4.Basil Gray: The arts  of India
1.NCERT: 11th and 12th standard books only
Social Issues
2.NCERT: Social change and development in India
3.NCERT: Globalisation and social change
1.P. M Bakshi: Constitution of India
2.Granville Austin: The constitution of India
International Relations
1.Rajeev Sikri: Challenges and strategies
2.Muchkund Dubey: India’s foreign policy
3.Shivshankar Menon: Choices
1.Misra and Puri: Indian Economy
2.Economic  Survey
3.Artha pedia ( website)
1.ARC Report: 4th Report
2.Nadkarni: Gandhian Ethics

So, ALL THE BEST to all the candidates who are going to appear for IAS Main examination this year from the team of Naukrinama.

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