Maharashtra government takes a big decision in the interest of college students , Click here to know the details


Due to Coronavirus in the country, there has been a lot of damage in the field of education and it is happening. The board, recruitment, admission, and other examinations in the country were postponed from the time the lockdown was imposed due to the coronavirus. Due to which there is a huge loss in the education of students.  since the first unlock in the country, efforts are being made to bring back the postponed tests in the country.

But through this article, we want to tell you that the Maharashtra government has taken a big decision in the interest of the final year students of the university  Government of Maharashtra has decided to cancel the final year examinations in the state. Chief Minister of Maharashtra Udhav Thackeray himself has informed about this. This decision has been taken by the state government in view of the increasing cost of Covid-19 in Maharashtra.

For a long time, letters were coming to the government through the parents of the students that if the government conducts college examinations at this time then their children’s lives will be in danger. So the examinations should be canceled and the Government of Maharashtra, taking a decision in the interest of the students, has canceled the final year exam.

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