Now you will have to pay Rs 12.50 for one breath of fresh Air

Now you will have to pay Rs 12.50 for one breath of fresh Air
Now you will have to pay Rs 12.50 for one breath of fresh Air

It might be no wonder now, if someone says that he is selling fresh air. Metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata are filled with so much air pollution that they come in the top list of WHO of cities with foulest air. Citing the health issues of people of country, average health problem is related with air. Air pollution is continuous damaging our lungs and respiration system.

A Canadian company Vitality Air is selling canned natural air and now they are planning to sell the product in India. The have also decided to charge Rs. 12.50 for per breath. The company has already in news for selling fresh sir in China’s capital Beijing, where level of smog is equal to level of Delhi.

Vitality Air

Moses Lam, founder of the company wanted to do something ‘disruptive’ so now he came up with innovative idea of selling canned air. This product has become quite famous among people of China. The company has sold around 12,000 pieces of fresh air can in China.

How this product works

The fresh air comes in two favours, Banff and Lake Louise. It consist of compressed air and people need breath this air through mask fitted on the can. The can comes in 3 litre and 8 litre. The dual pack of these cans costs between Rs. 1,450 and 2,800.

We were paying money to have water till now but it would be more shameful for the Indians that now we need to pay for fresh air to breath. This clearly shows the worst condition of air in India, especially in Delhi. Researchers from the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) have claimed that the lack of fresh air in Bengaluru is also alarming. The city will become uninhabitable and dead in coming 5 years. The major reason behind this situation is disappearance of lakes and trees in city.

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