Primary education in government schools in Corona era


In the primary classrooms, the foundation of the future of children is strengthened, but in the Corona period the education of government schools is being affected the most. Due to lack of resources of digital education, the education of children of primary section is falling apart. The efforts of the Education Department to bring primary education back on track are also not working.

In several villages of Hansi sub-division, staff members were present in some primary schools only after doing ground reality checks. The biggest hurdle in teaching the children of primary section of government schools is not having technical knowledge of the parents. Apart from this, most of the parents do not have a smartphone and internet connection. Teachers say that children in primary school are very fragile and if they do not get better education on time, then their learning-understanding process will be affected.

Here the parents say that if the foundation of the children is weak, then how will they be able to perform better in large classes. The education department is not even providing data packs to teachers, education friends, volunteers.

Government is making efforts, everything is insufficient

To bring primary education back on track, the Education Department first appointed Shiksha Mitra to teach children in villages, but now it does not get

better results than Shiksha Mitra Concept, then a plan is to appoint a volunteer on every 10 children. . It is being prepared by the Education Department and classes are being conducted in many villages as a trial. Education friends or educated youth of the village are being made volunteers who will teach children without pay. The children of the village will give language knowledge to the first class children.

I have two children. Both studies are affected. Digital mediums are successful in cities, not villages. In three to four days, the teacher calls, asks about the education of the children, but how should we teach the children at

the laborer’s house. The damage done to the education of children cannot be estimated. The government will have to make some big efforts.

Nanu Ram, parent, Dhani Thakariya education officer silent

No official has refrained from speaking about the state of primary education. There is also a lot of pressure on the officials from the Department of Education to improve primary education. However, the officials were seen crying out for the lack of resources in the suppressed tongue.

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