Revision Tips to Crack CTET 2020 Exam


Central Board of Secondary Education [CBSE], conducts CTET (Central Teacher Eligibility Test) across the country to recruit teachers into government schools in India. The CTET 2020 exam (July) is currently planned for 5th July 2020.

With only a short period left for the exam, candidates must now buckle up and begin to prepare for the test day. This blog is intended for test-takers looking for practical answers to the ‘How to Prepare for CTET’ question. So, to get you smoothly through this all-important prep period, here we list down some of the most effective and sought-after CTET preparation tips.

Revision Tips for CTET 

To give a proper outline of your training efforts so that you give your best in the exam, we have listed down the best CTET preparation tips.

  •     Remain Confident and Motivated

One of the essential tips for CTET, in the days of your preparation, your confidence, and motivation is your only ally to help you sail through the exam with flying colors. Whether you have covered the entire syllabus or there are still some topics left for preparation, devising a well-planned study plan and sticking to it with patience and dedication will pay dividends for you.

  •     Be Well-Versed With the Exam Pattern

The CTET exam [Paper 1 & Paper 2] is an offline-mode exam consisting of 150 questions that carry 1 mark each. Each paper is divided into 5 sections of 30 questions each. Moreover, there is no negative marking for incorrect answers. The paper will be available in both English and Hindi languages. Be well-versed with the relevant exam pattern to shape up your efforts and improve your time management, problem-solving skills.

Note: CTET has two papers: Paper 1 [for Classes 1 to 5] & Paper 2 [for classes 6 to 8]. For more information, visit the official website.

  •     Divide the Syllabus According to Your Strengths & Weaknesses

The CTET Paper 1 comprises of Child Development & Pedagogy, Language 1, Language 2, Mathematics and Environmental Studies and CTET Paper 2 comprises of Child Development & Pedagogy, Language 1, Language 2, Mathematics & Science, and Social Studies/Social Science. Distribute the syllabus into areas of strong areas and weak areas. The best CTET strategy we can give is to keep refining your strengths and work on weaknesses. Also, you can develop a prep tracker to keep a check on your efforts.

  •     Practice with Unique Methods

Preparing short notes and revision summaries is the traditional and effective method of learning and memorizing. Highlight important points and keep coming back to it for revision. Further, you must incorporate techniques like online quizzes, flow charts, mind maps and diagrams, and graphs. Use the elimination technique flexibly. In this article on how to prepare for CTET, we also stress on developing personal and creative ways of learning.

  •     Keep Revising Weekly

It is important to keep the memorized information fresh and easy-to-recall. Thus, you must revise at least weekly, note down topics that need effort and prepare a new action plan for the coming week. This CTET strategy will aid you in not forgetting important topics and prevent any mind blanks.

  •     Think Like a Teacher

One of the most instrumental CTET preparation tips is that for scoring highly on pedagogy and child development sections which is an important teacher training portion, try to get into a teacher’s shoes. You will be asked to solve questions on child psychology, special needs education, factors affecting learning, intelligence, and thought, amongst others.

  •     Practice Comprehension Questions Every day

In Language-I and Language-II papers, there are two comprehension passages each. These can be tricky yet scoring depending on the nature of the passage. Practice from the latest and official books and concentrate on your mistake areas. You can also tune in to online assessment and analysis sessions for special questions Tips for CTET and much more.

  •     Stay Calm and Composed

Whether you are unable to solve a question or crunch on time, do not panic, keep light and firm head and move on to the next question. The best CTET strategy is to attempt all questions as there is no negative marking. Read the whole paper once an start with the ones you are sure about.

  • How to prepare for CTET: Do’s & Don’ts

The following points have been carefully curated to indicate a few of the vital CTET preparation tips for applicants.

  •     DO NOT just memorize. Learn the Concept.

One of the critical tips for CTET is to not just memorize blindly but to understand the concept. This goes especially for science and mathematics papers.

  •     DO NOT Eat Junk and DO NOT Skip your Sleep

Particularly for the last week up to your exam, eat a light and healthy diet that is low on fat and junk. Drink plenty of fluids. Furthermore, rest adequately and at proper hours of the day. You must be in your best mental state. Test-takers must know that

  •     DO NOT Leave the Required Documents for Later

Be already prepared with all the necessary documents at least two days before your test day. Your admit cards, identity cards, for instance, Aadhaar must also be accompanied by photocopies. Also, if possible, pay a visit to your center.

  •     DO NOT Start Answering without Reading the Full Question

Read the full instructions and the question before looking at the options. Look for triggers like ‘NOT’ and ‘BUT’ which may change the direction of the statement.

  •     DO Revise your Marked Options

Leave at least 15 minutes at the end of your exam to take a look at your marked options. This aids you in resolving unforeseen errors, silly mistakes, and calculation errors and in turn saving your marks.

The CTET strategy we expect you to follow is to maintain a preparation tracker so that you can evaluate your progress as you inch closer to your exam day. Further, remain positive, stay calm, and don’t get nervous. Trust your abilities and be patient. Believe yourself and give your best.

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