Right to Education: The amount of private schools are stopping the officers in the commission, now the schools will be paid directly


Under the Right to Education Act (RTE), private schools are not getting paid on time. In order to pay RTE fees to private schools, Rs 30 crore was released to the District Education Officers in May-June, in which officers have withheld about Rs 10 crore. Angered by this, the officers of the Directorate of Public Teaching have strongly reprimanded the officers of the district. It is said that now under RTE, preparations are being made to transfer fees to private schools directly in their account. Preparation to pay Rs 100 crore to private schools soon.

In this case, Jitendra Shukla, Director of School Education, said that a system is being considered for reimbursement of children’s fees directly to private schools online. At the same time, guidelines have been issued to all Joint Director Education Divisions and District Education Officers to carry out the necessary procedure regarding admission in schools under RTE. It is important to note that about three lakh children are studying in the state under RTE from first to eighth. The government gives a fee reimbursement of seven thousand rupees per student from first to fifth and Rs 11 thousand per student from sixth to eighth.

Lottery has not been repeated yet

Directorate of Public Education had again called for applications under RTE from the officers. In these, more than three thousand parents had applied, but till now the lottery process has not been done for admission of these children. On behalf of the Director Public Education Directorate, the children of families included in the list of Antyodaya card holders and socio-economic caste census year 2011 from the year 2020-21 will be placed in the eligibility category.

The District Education Officers have been directed to review the admission under RTE and ensure action within the time period. Officials say that guidelines were issued for admission to the new education session on the basis of prior year’s experience regarding admission through RTE portal. The process of lottery for the first phase has been completed and the process of lottery for the second phase is to be done for the remaining sold seats.

Complaints have been received that private school managers are also canceling the admission of children, stating that the distance between their home and school is more. In such a situation, in the instructions issued from the Directorate, the District Education Officers have been told that students’ names should not be rejected due to distance. If a school has been mapped by the District Education Officer, the student concerned should not be rejected from the school.

Before changing the application of children who are not coming to school and have left school, the school will have to inform the nodal officer. Along with this, contact should be established with parents and students. Nodal officers should make ineligible decisions regarding examination of documents at their level.

Keeping in mind the Corona epidemic in the current session, it has been decided by the government to examine the documents in the schools itself, under Ease of Doing Business. In case of any dispute in the application of a student, the Nodal Officer should investigate. The applications ineligible in this regard should be examined by the Nodal Officer himself. The cases of students whose foster schools could not reach them should also be reviewed by the Nodal Officer. After this, admissions should be processed if found eligible.

From the year 2020-21, the names of Antyodaya card holders and Socio-economic caste census year 2011 should be placed in the eligibility category. The portal has an error correction option, it should be reviewed by the Nodal Officer and the eligible person should be admitted. The order said that seats were also allocated in some schools which are now closed. In such a situation, the nodal officer should contact those parents themselves and accept their application and take action to enroll them in the nearby school.

100 crore rupees are being transferred online from private directorate of public education to private schools. Now the district education officers were sent, then the officers do not pay. Complaints about taking 10 commissions had become common. In some districts, some schools have not received the money for the 2017-18 and 2019-20 season and some schools are getting full. There was a complaint of commission against the education officers of the district.

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