Skill development education will be linked to the children of families involved in illegal liquor business


After the liquor misery in Saran of Mandalgarh police station area, the administration has intensified in Kanwakhera Kachhi Basti, Sansi Basti in the town of Saran, Kanjar Basti, Santokpura, Bhilwara to implement Navjivan Yojana after the liquor misery.

Collector Shivprasad M Nakate has given the responsibility of monitoring to the officers of the district administration for this. Collector Nakate said that under the Navjeevan Yojana, children of new-born families leaving illegal liquor manufacturing and alcohol smuggling will be admitted to good schools. Along with this, people from these families will be linked with Skill Development Education.

It is worth noting that earlier in the year 2016, in collaboration with the Excise Department, the administration had benefited 174 people involved in the manufacture and sale of illegal liquor. Out of this 81 people were from Bhilwara circle, 11 from Shahpura circle and 4 from Mandalgarh circle. Apart from these 78 others were from Excise police station areas.

This is the aim of Navjeevan Yojana. The objective of
Navajivan Yojana is to bring the eligible communities / other families involved in the manufacture, storage and occupation of illegal liquor and bring them into the mainstream of development. Under the scheme, financial assistance is provided for survey / identification of families, development of basic facilities, training, self-employment and educational development of dependent children.

Components of the scheme
1. Survey / marking and dissemination
2. Connecting children to education
3. Skill training
4. Loans / grants for self-employment
5. Infrastructure development in settlements

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