10 Epic Fashion Designs That Will Make Your Stomach Pain Out of Laugh


Sometimes manufactures takes fashion at new height and design something unusual that seems weird to us and becomes a fashion disaster. There are thousands of unique fashion designs that makers made and left us laughing on them. Here we have picked some of these epic fashion designs that will make you to laugh hard on them. Let’s check them out and have a great laughing riot.

Can anyone please tell me that what this stair is doing on this car. It doesn’t made me laugh on it but to question the design of car.

This is the perfect solution when you have lack of space at home. You can sit on this place and use it as table as well.. Next time I will order for such epic design to carpenter.

The designer must be super genius. He used the place very smartly, it has made a basket for basketball and also made a slide for swimming pool on the same point. It’s like you can have it but can’t use it.

When they say ‘Go Green’ then what’s better than this. You are going green everywhere and following the rule of environment protection.

If you are thinking that these are ants running on the plate then you are completely wrong because this is design. Yukk.. who will eat on this plate now.

Uhh.. really! this is one shoes but looks like three shoes. I wonder in which shoe one can put his toes? Can you tell me?

Wow.. now this is called innovation. This is not boots, this is a back pack. It’s also good for safety because when you are not in heels then you can use to beat someone.

This is best for heel lovers. But seriously isn’t it cute? Heels on heels wow…

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