“Testicles of 130 Men Exposed to Radioactive Rays”! Read World’s 10 Most Disturbing Experiments ever done on Humans!


Human Experimentation in North Korea

Human Experimentation in North Korea
Human Experimentation in North Korea

North Korea is the most dangerous country in the world to visit and it uses its prision for its experiments. Kwon Hyok, a former prison Head of Security at Camp 22, described laboratories equipped respectively for poison gas, suffocation gas and blood experiments, in which 3 or 4 people, normally a family, are the experimental subjects which often results in the death of the whole family!

In one alleged experiment, 50 healthy women prisoners were given poisoned cabbage leaves — all 50 women were dead within 20 minutes. It is said that each month, a black van known as “the crow” collects 40-50 people from a camp and takes them to an known location for experiments.

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