10 Of The World’s Quirkiest Mental Disorders You Haven’t Heard About


We have heard about various psychiatric diseases and mental disorders like anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, personality disorder and many others. But these diseases are not only limited to our knowledge but there are many other psychiatric diseases all over the world which we have no idea exists. And these strange and weird illnesses come with funny symptoms like hair pulling, grass-eating, obsessive books collecting etc. Let’s have an idea about the weirdest psychiatric diseases or strangest mental troubles you have never heard of.

1. Erotomania

Weirdest Psychiatric Diseases

As the name explains, Erotomania is considered the delusion illusion of being loved. Though it is rarely observed now, but this disorder invades the life of those who suffer. Ertomania is a rare sickness whose causes are poorly understood, it’s very long and difficult to treat. Therapists use essentially drug treatment, in some cases electroshock are used. Also, Neuroleptics or antipsychotics have significant effects.

2. Cotard Delusion

Weirdest Psychiatric Diseases

Cotard delusion was classified as of of the weirdest psychiatric diseases or strangest mental illness. It is a rare disorder where the sufferer suspects that he’s dead, that he doesn’t exist, and that he’s moldy, without blood or internal organs. However, people having this syndrome usually become isolated from others and ignore their cleanliness and their safety. Over a period, they join a very deformed image about the external world, so they can’t feel the reality. Anyway, the cure of this syndrome is antipsychotics and mood stabilizers blending with electric shocks.

3. Boanthropy

Weirdest Psychiatric Diseases

It is a very serious disorder in which the infected person thinks himself a cow or a bull and act like them. This disorder starts as a dream until it becomes with time the patient’s reality so he eats grass or makes sounds like cows. It’s believed that such a case could be stimulated by hypnosis. This type of disorder could cause hallucinations, or cause someone to believe that he’s other than human. This disease harms the body more than the mind and there is no treatment for this.

4. Bibliomania

Weirdest Psychiatric Diseases

This mental illness is associated with books madness o the fury to have books and to collect them. This mental obsessive compulsive disorder is characterized by the desire of books possession. Bibliomaniac behavior could be resulted from a neurotic defense mechanism related to a trauma, an abuse or an oedipal conflict. This mental disorder can be treated by pharmacological and psycho-therapeutic.

5. Androphobia

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Considered as one of the weirdest psychiatric diseases that effects predominately women, this mental disorder is the fear of men. Moreover, this phobia may be due to a traumatic experience in childhood, or a fascination of a crime. However, this phobia could be caused by other sources. This illness treatment is like any phobia’s treatment, first, the patient should be at ease with what the counselor is doing, though, and psychiatrists are still doing their best to find treatment for each specific case.

6. Trichotillomania

Weirdest Psychiatric Diseases

This mental disorder is considered as a very painful and misunderstood disorder. It’s a repetitive behavior that involves hair pulling, sometimes until epilating whole areas which lead  to hair loss (alopecia) on a defined area of the scalp, also on other hairy areas like eyelashes and eyebrows. Trichotillomania’s causes are not clearly established. However some genetic factors could play a very important rule in the disorder’s development. This mental disorder is treatable by behavioral psychotherapy and in some cases the patient needs psychotropic drugs.

7. Autophagia

Weirdest Psychiatric Diseases

In this mental disorder a person is being pushed to eat or bite a part of his body by himself. this mental trouble could appear to compensate sensory loss, for others, this behavior is related to impulsiveness, eating disorders, aggravated sexual anxiety, excessive stress, or even social isolation. This mental disorder is treatable.

8. Diogenes Syndrome

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In this mental disorder, a person neglects severely himself, beside his extreme tendency to isolation, and the strong desire of possession. Older ones are more threatened by this syndrome, which is often accompanied with physical, neurological, or mental collapse.

9. Stendhal Syndrome

Weirdest Psychiatric Diseases

Stendhal syndrome is characterized by Physical and emotional anxiety when the person is exposed to an influential dose of art, we can name this syndrome in the cases where the patient can’t endure the great beauty, like in nature. There is no scientific evidence defines this syndrome as a psychological disturbance, but in the other side, there are proofs that brain’s areas which stimulate our emotional reactions become energetic when the sufferer look at beautiful artistic work.

10. Paris Syndrome

Weirdest Psychiatric Diseases

Paris syndrome is one of the weirdest psychiatric diseases; it infects some of Japan’s population as it gives them an Emotional and mental trauma when they visit the famous capital Paris. Therefore, this phenomenon was detected by a Japanese psychiatrist “hiroaki ota” who used to work in Paris. The reason of this syndrome is the idea that Japanese people have about the perfection and the charm of Paris, but when they go there, they discover a world that is less than their expectations.

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