Height of Laziness

Two Guys Coming Out Of The Examination Hall With Chips And Coke In Hand.

1st Guy: “Which Paper Was It?

2nd Guy: “I Think, Math

1st Guy: “Surprisingly, You Read The Question Paper?

2nd Guy: “No, I Saw The Girl Sitting Beside Me Using Calculator


Guys Win KBC Due To His Girl-Friend

The Guy Is On His Final Question For 5 Crore On KBC And Has One Lifeline Left ‘Phone A Friend’

The Question Was “Which Bird Does Not Make A Nest?”

A) Sparrow                                                      B) Swallow

C) Blackbird                                                     D) Cuckoo

The Guy Is Not Sure, So He Calls His Girlfriend.

She Answers, “Stupid, It’s Obviously A Cuckoo, 100%”

And The Guy Wins.

Later The Guy Calls His Girlfriend, “How The Hell Did You Know That, Honey? I Must Say You’ve Got More Brains Than I Credit You For!”

And The Sweet Thing Replies: “Well, You Idiot, A Cuckoo Lives In A Clock Na!”

“The Guy Is Still In Coma”

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