You must have heard about the world’s most dangerous and dreaded serial killers till now. But you would not have heard of such a serial killer, who ruthlessly killed the children, not the elders, but the children. Actually, we are talking about the dreaded serial killer of Pakistan Javed Iqbal. Who brutally killed not one or two but 100 children. The most surprising thing was that he vowed to kill a hundred children. When he killed a hundred children, he surrendered. this incident is of December 1999. The editor of an Urdu newspaper in Lahore received a letter. Which was written.

‘My name is Javed Iqbal and I have murdered 100 children and strangled their dead bodies with acid.’ Javed also told in his letter that out of all the children he murdered, most of them were runaways or orphans. He also told about the place where the children were killed. Apart from this, Javed, confessing his crime, also sent a letter to the Lahore police. But initially, the police did not take Javed’s letter seriously. But the editor of the newspaper took this matter seriously and sent a journalist to the place mentioned in the letter. After reaching that place, the journalist saw a trail of blood inside a house. Children’s shoes and clothes were found in two big bags there.

Also, there was a diary in which the names of the children and information about them were written. Two containers filled with hydrochloric acid were also found outside the house. In which there were structures of children’s bones. After seeing all this, the journalist immediately reached his office and told the editor everything. After this, the police were informed. On receipt of the information, the police team reached the hideout of Javed Iqbal and recovered all the evidence of the murder. Along with this, the police got a notebook there, along with the things written in the letter, it was also written that as proof of murder, I have left some corpses, which I could not establish. I am going to commit suicide by jumping into the river Ravi.

Taking immediate action on this, the police started a search operation and searched the corner of the river Ravi. This was the largest search operation in the history of Pakistan, but the body of Javed was not found anywhere. But during this time, the police arrested two of Javed’s associates. During his interrogation, one of them committed suicide by jumping from the roof. Amidst all this, Javed Iqbal reached the office of the same Urdu newspaper. He met the editor and said to give an interview and said that he has come to surrender. When his interview was over, the police arrested him.

When the police asked Javed about the reason for killing the children, he told a very surprising thing. Javed told that when I was 20 years old, then I was sent to jail in the case of rape by framing a conspiracy. While I had never done anything like this. He told that during this time his mother always used to visit him in jail, but one day his mother died while waiting for the release of the son, after which he swore that as his mother lost her life crying. He will make the mothers of at least 100 children cry.

After this, he started killing children. On March 16, 2000, Javed was produced in court after admitting the crime. The court ruled that just as Javed Iqbal brutally murdered 100 children, he should be strangled 100 times in the same way. Then his corpse should be cut into 100 pieces and those pieces should be strangled with acid.

However, when countries around the world came to know about this harsh decision, they opposed it, after which the decision was overturned. He was then sentenced to death. However, the body of Javed and one of his accomplices was found in Kot Lakhpat Jail on the morning of 8 October 2001, before being hanged. Their corpses were hanging on the roof with the support of the sariya.

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