5 amazing Adam Sandler movies that’ll make your day!


Adam Sandler is one hell of an actor, I bet most of us agree on this. He has given us timeless comedies to enjoy and it comes without saying – Once an Adam Sandler stan, always an Adam Sandler stan. For all your glum days – you can count on Sandler to make you happy! Trust me, he is magical. Here are five such must watch movies of Sandler:

You Don’t Mess With The Zohan(2008)

And Quite literally, no one messes with the Adam Sandler. This is one hilarious movie that you shouldn’t miss out on because it’s a one in all package about passion and dreams and breaking stereotypes!

Grown Ups(2010)

Well, do we ever grow up? Let’s not kill the child in our hearts. This movie is about childhood friendship. It is about five ‘fun’ adults uncomplicating and living their lives to the fullest!


Two families with single parents are forced to blend in with one another as they go on a shared ‘Family Moon Trip’ to Africa!

That’s my Boy(2012)

A comedy about bad parenting and a sudden unexpected reconciliation after it. This is a must watch, starring Andy Samberg alongside Adam Sandler needless to say – are the most kickass father son pair onscreen!

Murder Mystery(2019)

A cop husband (Sandler) and his wife (Jennifer Aniston) are vacationing on a cruise ship  and are suspected around a murder mystery. It’s about their teamwork while trying to solve it together.



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