6 ways to deal with Cracked Skin in Winters


Winter and Skin are not the best of friends. In winter season your door can’t hang one more heavy coat and your online shopping cart is full of scarves, but let’s not forget about the most essential part of winter: the ongoing battle with our skin. Here the basic tips that you should follow this winter for smooth and soft skin.

1) Moisturise- This is the best option that can help you sustain through the winters without getting cracked skin. Be sure to choose a product that is specific to your skin type and apply within a few minutes after having a bath. Moisturising helps in restoring your skin’s lost moisture and prevents any other loss.

2) Mild detergents- Use mild detergents and washing powder to wash your clothes as they contain chemicals which often tends to get attached to your clothes and can cause your skin to dry up and can also cause skin infections or any skin irritation.

3) Body Oil- Use body oil to hydrate your skin to the core. As it penetrates deep inside your denims and provides you with protection from the dryness.

4) Hand Cream- Always keep a hand cream in your bag to avoid cracked hands. Apply some into your palms and to the elbow region every time they feel a bit dry in order to prevent the skin from cracking.

5) Vaseline- Vaseline can be your best friend in winters. You can apply Vaseline onto your dry lips, elbow and knees. This can keep them soft. That little plastic container is your go-to all winter long.

6) Shower- Do not shower in super hot water. We know it’s relaxing in winters but showering in scalding temperatures tends to dry out your skin even more. Hot water removes natural oils from the skin, and the more oils removed the drier the skin becomes.

Winter signals the coming of the holiday season, with lots of snow and fun, but it also brings with it low temperatures that cause your skin to turn dry and cracked. Dealing with cracked skin in the winters is probably every person’s nightmare.

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