A must watch Anime : Death Note! For all those who are beginning Anime watching in Pandemic


An anime that must be one of the most watched ones? I have no doubts – Death Note has a big fan base and that too, for all the right reasons. Especially, amongst Anime lovers, Death Note is a preliminary, a basic that you cannot dodge. If you haven’t read the comic or the Anime itself – you can find these online. The Anime is available of Netflix. 

So, let me give you a brief on what Death Note is-

A Death Notebook falls on the surface of Human World and Light Yagami (the protagonist) picks it up. Any name written on the notebook shall lead to their death. What Light does with that notebook is what the story is about. That’s enough teaser for the story. The rest of it you’ve to find out on your own. Death Note is basically a psychological experience that we all must have. It gets your mind thinking. It has some very intriguing characters in it who are unbelievably intelligent and sharp and they play with our minds. They challenge us on every step. They make us want to solve the riddles. It is a really engaging Anime series. Almost all the characters in Death Note are highly analytical, ready to boggle your mind with their amazing deducing capabilities. The kick is when you become a part of the Anime doing your part of the analysis.


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