A place in India from where you can see SriLanka


Our India is known for many famous places but all different places have their own distinct identity. they have different characteristics, there are some places in India which are very strange. but today we are going to tell you about the place which is very different.

So let’s know about this special place. the name of this place is Dhanushkodi, from here Sri Lanka appears. This place is the only terrestrial border between India and Sri Lanka which is spread over a distance of only 50 yards. Many tourists also come here to roam.

But this place is also called as a haunted place, due to the lack of space here, no one is allowed to stay here. It is said that some people used to live many years ago, but a terrible cyclone came and destroyed everything. Many people have lost their lives due to the cyclone.

And it is also said about this place that Lord Rama asked Hanuman ji to build a bridge through which the monkey army could pass. This place has become very scary now, but no one can stop here in the night time, although tourists also come to visit here but they are not allowed to stay at night.

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