A place where dogs donate blood, you will be surprised to know


Blood donation is considered to be the biggest donation of life, you will also know that blood donation is only done by the people, but today we are going to tell you about someplace where dogs & cats do blood donation.

यहां कुत्ते और बिल्ली भी करते हैं ...Let us tell you, most of the blood in these blood banks are dogs and cats because people keep dogs or cats in the house who become their friends. At the same time, people also demand blood for them which is not available.

यहां बिल्ली और कुत्ते भी करते हैं ...For this reason, many people also donate blood of dog and cat so that others may benefit if they need it. In such a situation, if a dog or cat is ill and needs blood, then blood is given to them from the blood bank.

यहाँ पर इंसान नहीं बल्कि कुत्ते ...At the same time, you may not even know that dogs and cats also have different types of blood like humans. Actually it has been found that dogs have 12 blood types and cats have 3 blood types.

कुत्ते और बिल्ली भी करते है रक्तदानIn addition to Dix, Garden Grove, California, there are animal blood banks in Cayenne, Stockbridge, Michigan, Virginia, Bristol, and Annapolis, Maryland, and from time to time, people go to the blood bank to donate blood to their pets. Let me tell you that the process of blood donation here takes about half an hour.


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