A Storm Created ‘Reverse Waterfall’ in Scotland Making Water Going Upwards


Nature always surprises us with its various forms and that’s the beauty of nature that we get fascinated to it, whether it’s a video/ picture of some miracle or a live view. Mountains, rivers, flower valleys and waterfalls are always on our top list of nature’s favourite but sometime we miss them amid of our busy schedule. Recently, nature has showed a different side of it that left everyone astonished and if you failed to witness it then internet has videos of it that will make you wowed…

Waterfalls are one of a kind of its beauty that behold our sight. Seeking water flowing downwards from a heighted mountain is one a natural wonder on earth and we can spend hours watching it. But what if someone says that the beauty of waterfall got a little twist and become a magical experience for eyes? This craziest thing happened in Scotland when water of the waterfall starts flowing upwards instead going downwards.

No, this is not any reverse filter of video app, this is reality and was witness by many people. If you don’t believe us, then take a look at this video. A Facebook user posted a video on Facebook last week which shows a reverse waterfall.

This magical wonder happened because of extremely strong winds which were blowing in the opposite direction of the waterfall resultant to which, water of the waterfall was forced to move upwards and become the rarest phenomenon of the nature. The video went viral over the internet as soon as it was uploaded on the social media handle.

Well, we can only say, viral videos are good but if it is of nature then nothing could be more beautiful then this.

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