A tree that was arrested for a crime, Yes you heard it right


There are many such things going on throughout our world. which is surprising to know the reason behind it, but today we are going to tell you about a tree that will surprise you. Let us tell you that due to a law, a banyan tree in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan has been held in chains.

Yes, in Landi Kotal of the province it is fastened with chains and there is also a plank on which ‘I am under arrest’ is written. Please tell that this tree is planted in Landi Kotal Army of Pakistan.

There is a very interesting story behind its arrest. The same story is from the year 1898 when drunk British officer James Squad Landi was walking in the Kotal Army Cantonment. During this time, he realized that the banyan tree in front of him was coming towards him.

He was horrified by this and by ordering the soldiers present nearby, he arrested the tree. Where the soldiers also obeyed the order, the tree did not run away, so tied it with chains. 121 years later, even today, this tree stands tied with similar chains.

Even today, heavy chains are hanging on this arrested tree, not only is there a plate hanging on the arrested tree which is written on the tree saying ‘I am arrested.’ Till date, the chains have not been removed to show the cruelty of the British rule.

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