A village where if the kitchen is in India, then the bedroom is in Myanmar…


It is often seen that whenever someone builds a house, it is built near the kitchen and bedroom. But the abandoned houses are such that the kitchen is outside and the bedroom is inside. But today we are going to tell you about a village where one has to live in another country to cook food and go to another country to sleep.

For your information, let us tell you that we are talking of Longwa village in Mon district of Nagaland. While half of it is in India and the other part is in Myanmar. Please tell that this village is located in the forests. At the same time, the tribal people of the Konyak tribe live here.

These people are very dangerous. The people of this village have citizenship of both countries. India and Myanmar pass through Sina from this village. The head of this village is divided into two parts at home. One part in India and the other in Myanmar.

The head of this village has a special thing that he can have more than one wives. Such people are known as Angha. The head of this village has done more than 60 weddings. Not only this, but the situation of many houses in the village is also like this.

The amazing thing about this place is that his home kitchen falls in India but he goes to Myanmar to sleep because the bedroom falls in Myanmar. This is not all, many youths of this village are in the Myanmar army & many are in Indian army.

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