A Waterfall That Remains A Mystery Till Date


It is said that there is no greater magician than nature. Human mind and science also fail in front of nature. It is difficult to understand nature. There are many things in the world on which the rule of nature prevails. You must have gone to many places to roam. You must have gone to such a place where there are waterfalls and the view of the place is also different. You will also take a bath in those waterfalls, many people like to take a bath in the waterfalls, but today we are going to tell about one such waterfall which is very unique. This waterfall is located on the hill of Pamukkale in Turkey, which is quite popular. There are many tourists coming here to visit this waterfall, the special thing about this waterfall is that bathing in it can cure a lot of diseases especially all skin related diseases are free.

Hearing about this waterfall, people come here to bathe only. It is said that the temperature of the water of this spring is between 37 degrees to 100 degrees, it is extremely hot. Scientists have been wary about the water of this spring, that the mineral elements thousands of millions of rain that are collecting on these waterfalls, these waterfalls take the shape of a lake, this is a very unique waterfall which is known as a mystery. present in this water is made out of calcium by calcium carbonate.


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