ABBA : 7 classic ABBA songs that make us proud as their listeners.


Well, who doesn’t know about ABBA? ABBA is one of the most loved foreign bands in India. Played by almost all generations, I was first introduced to their music by my dad who played their Gold Album numbers on loop every weekend. ”Anyone who listened to ABBA”, as my father says, ”Was thought to be really classy back when I was your age” – given that I’m 23, I have to give it to dad for listening to ABBA back then! Because our choices have clearly lowered. Our generation honestly knows nothing of classics, of meaningful song creation and adoration. 

Though this is the case, I really believe some of the oldies must be played every now and then just to learn from our glorious past. One must try and incorporate such intricacies and works of art in their present creations. There is no better an inspiration I believe, and ABBA fans must agree with me. If you do disagree – here’s a list of some all time favorite ABBA numbers to listen to. These are sure to change your point of view.

Dancing Queen 

The winner takes it all

I have a dream 

Mamma Mia 



Take a chance on me



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