After A Breakup Amid Lockdown, Dehradun Guy Opened A Cafe ‘Dil Tuta Ashiq’ & Honestly, We Get It


After breaking up with his girlfriend of high school during the lockdown, Divyanshu Batra remained depressed for around 6 months. He spent time playing PUBG. One day he decided to end the mourning and thought of opening a cafe with a catchy name. A cafe that told the tale of his heartbreak and which people would relate to.

My mother was very supportive but my father was not convinced with the name of the cafe. But one day, one of his friends who was unaware that the cafe is mine, praised the food and its ambience. Then my dad got convinced that I am doing something productive.

Talking about his intention behind opening the cafe, Divyanshu said that he wanted people to visit his cafe and share their tales of heartbreak so that he can help them overcome this and move on.

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