After Kapil Sharma, Mukesh Khanna now attacked on Akshay Kumar’s ‘Laxmi Bomb’! Displeasure expressed over the movie title


After attacking The Kapil Sharma Show, Mukesh Khanna has now turned to Akshay Kumar’s Laxmi Bomb. A post by Mukesh Khanna has surfaced, in which he is seen objecting to the title of Akshay Kumar’s upcoming film. Regarding the title ‘Laxmi Bomb’, he is seen saying that if there was such a title on any other religion or community, it would not be tolerated.

Mukesh Khanna writes on his Insta post – ‘Should a film be released with the title of Lakshmi Bomb? There is a debate all over the country on this. Some people are demanding that the film be banned. If you ask me, the film is not justified. Because no one has seen the film yet. Just watched the trailer. The film is yet to be released. So let’s talk about the title.

Mukesh further says- ‘Adding a bomb in front of Lakshmi seems like mischief. There is thinking of commercial interest. Should it be allowed? no, at all. Can you name the movie Allah Bomb or Badass Jesus? No. Then how is the Laxmi bomb? These films people do it because they know that it will make a noise. People will shout. Then you will be silent. Lage Hath film will also be promoted.

Mukesh, the actor in the TV serial Mahabharata, says – “The film has to be released. People will break into the theater to see the first-day first show, what the hell is in this film. What does the title of the film mean? This has been and continues to happen. It has to be stopped. And whatever is public it can do. One thing is clear: There is no fear or fear of Hindus among these commercial people. They consider him tolerant. ‘

He further said- “Hindus consider soft targets. They know that after screwing it with some other religion or community, they will tell the swords – swords. Therefore, the titles of films are not made with them. Some people are calling it Love Jihad or Islamic Funding. It may or may not happen. But after spending 40 years in the film, I can say this with a lot of claims, the producer wants to make his film a hit and hence brings such maneuvers. Lakshmi Bomb is one of them. Diffuse this. ‘

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