After swallowing the animal, this is how the condition of the python, will be stunned by watching the video


Nature has created a food chain in the world. According to this food chain, not only animals and animals of the whole world also choose their food. Like large carnivorous organisms get their food by eating small organisms. But many times animals are seen to challenge this food chain. That is, they do not eat those animals which are their favorite food and they start saving their lives. A video that is going viral on social media is giving a similar challenge to nature.

Actually, a video that is going viral on social media is of a dog. In which a cute little dog sees fishes in a pub. In which there is no water at all. When he sees the fish suffering, he fishes in his mouth and sends them to the water. It is usually seen that dogs break on them when they see fish, but this dog did not do so and challenged nature and saved the life of the fish.

This viral video has been shared by Indian Forest Service officer Sushant Nanda from his Twitter account. With which everyone can get inspiration. Whenever you see someone in trouble, even if he is your enemy, do help him. In this video that is going viral, a dog can be seen with its owner. It seems that perhaps the owner of Dogi is fond of fishing.

It is believed that pythons are not dangerous for humans. They hunt animals only. But people are scared of them by seeing their huge size. DFO Rajiv Kumar said, ‘The dragon had swallowed an animal and swallowed it, due to which it could not even move. He was also injured after eating the big animal. Therefore, he was treated before being released into the forest. It is being told that it was a female dragon whose length was around 11 to 12 feet.

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