All the L stans – I know, you feel the same about Ryuzaki’s death!


The mind boggling Death Note stirs an inexplainable feeling in our hearts – even to this day. It is a milestone anime considering the kind of after effects it leaves on the brains of its readers/viewers. For those of us who have either read the manga or watched the Anime – we know who L is. Also, Ryuzaki? Ryuga Hideki? L. Lawliet? – They are all the same guy. 

This post is for all the L fans. It is also an attempt at making all the other readers L’s fans too. L deserves it. I’ll tell you why. Let us start with his personality. First off, what comes to your mind when you think of L?

A genius guy, with an unkempt look, dark circles under his eyes and a sweet tooth for absolutely anything that is sweet on the surface of this planet. Well, those of us who had been initially swayed by Light at the very beginning of the manga might not have imagined having a sudden shift in our opinions, did we? Light was a sight and a brilliant brain worth  admiration. Yet L had caught our attention, a notch above Light. His weird presence, blunt words, pure intentions, his impeccable knowledge and commendable deduction skills were what impressed us. We loved him more as his character gradually unfolded further reflecting his true reality. Now we knew there was someone at par with Light in terms of brain power. Both of them, though two different personalities – had the same level of intelligence and deduction skills.

Light felt challenged upon being confronted by L as his number 1 suspect. L had deduced it right. L knew all along who the actual Kira was. All of his intuitions were on point. Even then, he was not amply supported by his team. Though, Captain Yagami allowed the detention of his son (Light) and of himself, it was done egoistically with the preconceived bias that ‘LIGHT can never be Kira’. When there is a bias in the mind – any mission gets directed either entirely against it or for it. Therefore, the work environment wasn’t adequate enough for impartial investigations to take place. Cherry on top of the cake was – L had Kira(Light) himself working with him. L chose to confide in his team and expected transparency from everyone. Whereas, Light, a master manipulator – manipulated all the other team members. Personal relations clashed with professional lives. No one was ready to take Light into suspicion. Everyone doubted L’s judgement. There were a lot of hurdles that ceased L from functioning smoothly. Only an old Watari was working unbiasedly for the cause.

Alas, L died untimely and won’t deny – it broke our hearts. We wanted to protect him, didn’t we? We wanted him to win. He was the good over evil. But then, L had a huge impact on our minds and his genius is forever! We’d like encountering more people like L in our real lives, wouldn’t we? What do you say? 

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