Always wash your hair according to your type


To maintain the shine & growth of hair, we take various measures be it trying different home remedies or purchasing expensive hair products from the market but do you know your wrong hair washing choices can damage the quality of your hair.For Straight Hair- People with straight hair have shiny and silky hair, so they can easily get oily and sticky. If your hair gets greasy in just one day then you can wash it every alternative day, you can also purchase a dry shampoo.Wavy Hair- You can wash your hair two to three times a week to maintain the shine of your wavy hair. If you have thick wavy hair then you can be then twice a week. Do not use shampoos that contain oil as it can ruin your natural curls.Curly Hair- People with curly hair have an advantage as if their scalp is oily, it doesn’t come down on your curls. People with curly hair also look fresh due to their hair texture.

Oily Hair- People with oily hair should skip applying the conditioner and apply it to the end only and avoid applying on the scalp area.

Dry hair- People with dry hair should wash their head twice or thrice a week. Avoid using hair styling or heat treatments as they can make your hair drier. One of the best ways to nourish your locks is to oil your hair before shampooing. You can use a hair mask to nourish your locks.




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