An aircraft that disappeared in the sky shortly before landing, was not detected till date


There have been many such incidents around the world that cannot be believed. These incidental incidents remain a mystery to humans even today. A similar incident occurred in the year 2016. When an aircraft from Egypt Airlines disappeared in the sky. This plane was about to land that it disappeared twenty minutes before that. Which has not been found to date. Let me tell you that Airbus-320, an aircraft of Egypt Airlines, flew to Cairo Airport in Egypt, which is included in the world’s modern airport.

There were a total of 66 passengers in this aircraft. But this plane disappeared in the sky before landing. Even after so many years of this mysterious event, no trace of this aircraft was found. Neither the façade of the aircraft was found nor the body of any passenger. Airbus-320, a passenger plane from Egypt Airlines, flew from Paris to Cairo city of Egypt on 18 May 2016. The plane took four hours in this journey, but after three hours and 40 minutes of flight, this plane suddenly disappeared.

Only twenty minutes before landing, the plane lost contact with ATC. All efforts were made to contact the aircraft again, but every attempt was thwarted. Finally, it was estimated that the aircraft would have hijacked the terrorists. However, there were no signs of this. After this, it was again believed that the plane may have crashed somewhere. A search operation started again regarding this. For many months and in many countries, the aircraft went on investigation, but nothing was touched.

Due to the disappearance of this aircraft, the conversation started at the airports of both the countries. Shortly thereafter, a statement by French President François Hollande comes out that there is no hope of getting the missing Airbus safe. No theory can be dismissed about this disappearance. It can also be some kind of terrorist action or an accident. After that, there was no clue of this aircraft till date.

The aircraft had a total of 66 people, including 56 passengers and 10 crew members. The ship was about to reach its destination in 20 minutes but, it suddenly got out of the radar. After this, many attempts were made to make contact with this ship but all failed.

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