Angry elephant attacked after seeing tourist car in forest, see what happened in the video


The smarter the elephant, the angrier they get. When they are angry, they destroy anything. Then even if it is a human being. In anger, they kill any human being. On social media, we got a view of the elephant’s anger. Seeing a car of tourists, an elephant attacked it.

This video has been shared by a user named Yashar Ali from his Twitter account. Sharing this video, Yashar Ali wrote, ‘If you ever find yourself in the bushes and want to know if an elephant is thinking of attacking you, then there is a way to know when the elephant is in its If you turn the trunk, it will attack you.

The little elephant will not do so, so Ranger is relaxed. In the video, you can see that some tourists are in an open jeep in a forest. He is also accompanied by a Ranger who is sitting in front of the jeep. Then an elephant appears from the bushes. The elephant is so angry that upon seeing the jeep, he moves fast and comes towards the jeep turning his trunk. But as soon as the elephant approaches the jeep, the ranger hits his hand on the bonnet of the jeep.

Seeing this, the elephant runs to the other side and enters the bushes. Yashar shared this video at around seven in the morning of 17 February. This video has been viewed more than 27 thousand 700 times in just one hour. At the same time, this video has received 581 likes and 48 retweets. Along with this, all the users have also given their feedback on this video.

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