Apart from adding flavors to your food, tomato ketchup is also used to clean these things


Tomatoes are naturally acidic in nature and in the form of ketchup, it becomes even more acidic due to the presence of vinegar. Removing stains with the help of sauce is the cheapest option. In addition, there are many bleaching agents available in the market, compared to which it is more effective. It is also an organic method to remove stains. Often, when things get dirty, hard work has to be done to clean them. So here are some more ways to use tomato ketchup in your home and garden.

Have you often seen furniture lying in your garden rusting? Tomato ketchup is a better way to prevent its rust. The Acid works magic in it and it works not only in iron furniture but on any rusted object. First, apply the ketchup in a rusted area and leave it for some time, after which you will have to wash it and then let it dry. In places where the rust stains are very deep, you must first mix the water with baking soda and ketchup and then spray it on the rusted area with the help of a spray.

To clean the car, washing your car first with soap and water is a good way to shine but tomato ketchup can do better to clean it and for this rub ketchup on a soft cloth and then wash it with plain water.

If you clean your copper utensils with tomato ketchup, then they start to glow. All you have to do is put ketchup on the copper vessel and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes. Then with a soft cotton cloth, it has to be cleaned with warm water to bring polish and shine. For stubborn stains, add a little more salt to the ketchup and repeat the same process. It is also an effective solution for copper jewelry.

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