Are We Following The Laws And Constitutions of India


    Laws of India are there from many years but are we working according to those laws.

    The reality is different, there are many conflictions in the laws which are making us confuse that what we should do for it. Like violence is not allowed but domestic violence is always top news and we give this a name which is “personal matter”.

    Most of the things are not on the path or not working correctly.

    We have Rights to do all things but we are still struggling to do that, let me take the example we all Indians have the Right to Freedom in our Constitution but we don’t have any freedom on doing good things for the society, community or for the better system.

    Right to Equality says that we have equal rights without any discrimination but society discriminates and make rumors about the different culture and casts.

    Cultural and educational rights are looking for an education for all the children and giving equal rights to every culture but no, we are doing opposite of it. We are using poor kids for working and we are not giving respect to different culture.

    Right to privacy but everyone is still looking for privacy because everyone is giving their nose in other matters.

    And this constitution we are following, the police are not helping people, corruption is increasing, and systems have flaws instead of flows but no one is caring. We don’t agree to accept the new good change and doing continuously mistakes and blaming on others.

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