Avoid these 4 Pre-Workout Foods


You should fuel your body to gear up for a workout session. Your choice of pre-workout snack plays an important role in your performance during an intense sweat session. While not eating anything before working out.

Carbonated Drinks- Having carbonated drinks is never a good idea as they may lead to stomach cramps and nausea during your sweat session. Also, since frizzy drinks are loaded with sugar, they may also lead to a sugar crash.

Milk- A glass of milk may seem like an ideal choice before hitting the bed. It might make you feel nauseous and glassy and prohibit you from working out with ease. You can reserve dairy products like cheese, yoghurt and milk as your post-workout snacks as they are rich in fat. They will help you feel full after a rigorous sweat session.

Beans- While they are loaded with protein and they also take time to get digested as they are rich in fibres. This may lead to digestive distress and bloating during your workout session not exactly comfortable position to be in while you sweat it out.

Spicy Food- If you are craving for any spicy noodles or any other spicy food before hitting the gym, we suggest avoiding it. Spicy food items not only cause heartburn and general discomfort, but it may also lead to cramping. All this can ultimately slow down your workout routine. If you feel uncomfortable, gassy, or need a loo break in the middle of a workout session, then what you ate before exercising is quite likely to be blamed. So these were the food items that you should try to avoid eating before working out at all costs

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