Avoid these types of drinks before going to the Gym


It is very important to have a balanced diet for quick and accurate benefits of workout and lack of any one thing can harm you instead of giving many good results. After the gym the diet matters as much as before the gym, most of us drink shakes, juices, coffee etc before going to the gym so that energy remains but the truth is just the opposite. Let’s know which types of drinks to avoid before a workout:

Milk-Based Drinks- They are not included before a workout, they contain a significant amount of protein which takes a long time to digest therefore you will not be able to workout with the energy that is needed and health experts believe that drinking them after workouts is very beneficial for your health.

Sports Based Drinks- Drinking any kind of sports drinks like Gatorade before going to the gym can harm you, sports contain too much sugar which can affect your metabolism so drink homemade juices would be better than drinking sports drinks. You can have sports drink in between your workouts or exercise as it will increase your metabolism but try to avoid having before going to the gym.

Alcohol- Drinking alcohol cause lack of water in the body and apart from this, there is also loss of energy and it leads to sweating in the gym as well as a lot of energy is needed to do it. So avoid having alcohol before going to the gym and if you drink it previous night then go only after when its effect is gone.

Carbonated Drinks- These drinks like Pepsi and Coke also contains a lot of sugar and other things which are harmful to the body so drinking before workouts can lead to problems such as gas, dehydration and flatulence.

Sweet Fruit Drinks- While eating fruits before workout is very beneficial drinking fruit drinks is equally harmful as this is because it contains many types of sugar such as syrup or fructose which are not good for health and it would be better not to drink them and if you want to drink then make fresh juice out of mosambi, oranges and other citrus fruits.

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