Before cutting bangs at home, read these tips


Lockdown, Social distancing and other things, most people are now tired of having untidy hair, split ends, fading colour and mood swings. Just because of the rise emotions, impulsive decisions like getting fringes done by own are made. Getting inspiration from Bella Hadid (who flaunted her self-cut bangs), Camila Cabello (who insisted her mom to do her bangs) but “bangs at home” failed.

Christine Thomas, 22 year old who also cut her own bangs. She told an American publication, “I was complaining to my friend that I was bored with my hair, and I kept seeing tutorials on Tiktok about how to het natural, nice-looking bangs… and so I just did it.”

Well, she is not alone Miley Cyrus also shared her new micro fringe on her Instagram live series during the lockdown.

Some famous girls on Tiktok and Youtube have inspired you to cut your own fringes, but experts suggest that you should drop this idea but if the urge of having a new look during lockdown doesn’t go then you should know some pro tips before doing it on your own.

Here are the tips:

Search the best techniques online and always go for expert tutorials.

Get a pair of high-quality hairdressing scissors along with a wide & fine-toothed comb.

Keep in mind that there is not a particular size of bangs that fits all.

Experts says that the rule of cutting bangs is to not cut it wider than the outside of your brows.

Always chop less hair than you think you need to.


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