Best Of The Best From Gulzar Sahab That Will Leave Your Heart Whelming


If the world sets on fire, he’ll sail smoothly in the ocean. In a night full of wild storms, where the sky makes the thundering sound, he’ll choose to be the fresh drops of water who knows only to water the earth. In a world where they picked the guns and swords, where they lost blood and people, he picked a corner, pen and book, to only make art that captures the beauty in chaos. Well, that is the beauty of an artist, isn’t it? Being the hope in the hopeless world. You’re a dying tree in this world and an artist is every ray of sun and every drop of water, who is here to turn you into nothing but beautiful, who is here to heal every broken part of you so you live.

It is important for an artist to open your heart and heal all your wounds with every touch of his art, only to make you feel and fall for everything in this world. And Sampooran Singh Kalra, popularly known as Gulzar Sahab has never failed at it. He is the definition of an artist. He is walking poetry. Poetry just flows out of him so naturally and so wonderfully that you can’t help but just dwell into it.

Here are the best lines penned down by Gulzar Sahab

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