Beware! Do not commit these mistakes while using a Microwave


Everyone knows how to use a microwave. And having one at home is a bliss. It helps in cooking or reheat food. Microwave users already know that they can’t use aluminum foils or any plastic cutlery for microwaves. Well, we must be knowing how to use it but do we understand everything about it?

Here are a few common mistakes that we may make while using a microwave:

Not letting food heat up properly- Heating up the leftover last night food in the microwave which you have put in refrigerator or left it outside then you must let it heat properly so that food gets thoroughly hot. Not letting the food heat up properly can leave the middle part stay cold and it can easily catches bacteria which further can cause food poisoning.

Using any plastic container to heat food- Plastic containers that are not meant to go into the microwave might leak harmful chemicals in the food. BPA plastic, when used for food can cause a lot of health problems like diabetes, heart diseases, and even infertility. So it is advised to always use only microwave-safe plastic or glass containers.

Not regularly cleaning it- Does anything will go to happen when you don’t clean your microwave for a month? Obviously it will get worse. Your microwave might look clean but it is actually covered with small food particles that can lead to giving birth to bacteria if it’s not cleaned for a long time. So you must clean it regularly before you get any smell.

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