Booked these IRCTC trains, then here’s an important news for all the travelers


Coronavirus infection is spreading rapidly in India these days. It now has thousands of patients in India, as well as millions of people have died and crores of people locked down inside homes. While PM Modi’s 21-day lock-down period is going to end on April 14, now such things have arisen that this lock-down will be extended. Yes, after seeing the cases of coronavirus increasing continuously, the ministers of many states have appealed to the central government to increase this lock-down, but the way Indian Railways was still taking bookings after April 14 It was said that everything is going to be normal but now a big decision has also come from Indian Railways.This decision has been taken by the Indian Railways in view of increasing cases of coronavirus but will the lockdown really be extended? Its decision has not been taken yet and no information has come from the government. However, the three special trains which were to run on these days have been postponed. It included Tejas Express between Ahmedabad and Mumbai, Tejas Express between Delhi and Lucknow and Kashi Mahakal Express from Varanasi to Indore.

Passengers traveling with these trains will be given a full refund but now all the bookings of these three trains have been suspended till 30 April. It was earlier expected that this lockdown would end as train and plane bookings were started, but now this does not seem to be happening. However, no official announcement has been made yet, but according to news, Air India, the official airline, has also closed its bookings till April 30.

Delhi CM has announced a 5T plan for the rapid testing of COVID 19. This includes testing, tracing, treatment, teamwork, and tracking and monitoring. Delhi government will conduct rapid anti-body test. All this will be done in the coronavirus hot spot area. At present, the governments of all states are preparing themselves, It is also possible that some essential services will be started after April 14 and it may also be that the lock down and proceed.

Different coronavirus trackers are showing different figures, but according to the data being shown by the Health Ministry, there are currently 4643 active cases. In addition, 401 have been cured and 149 people have died.

The total number of coronavirus cases in the country has crossed 5000 because the figures are increasing every day, the possibility of increasing the lockdown cannot be eliminated. However, whatever decision will be taken will be taken by the Central Government and the State Government.



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