Boost your immunity with the amazing Giloy


During this transition of the corona epidemic, strong immunity is essential to keep the body healthy. You can use Giloy to strengthen your immunity. There are several prescriptions suggested strengthening the system, one of which is also reported to be consumption of Giloy.

Helps in preventing infection of the corona– No effective vaccine has been discovered so far to prevent corona infection. In this case, prevention is the only solution and you can stay away from corona infection by keeping the body’s immunity strong.

Immunity Booster – According to Ayurveda, Giloy is the most important in maintaining the body’s immunity. Consuming Giloy increases the body’s ability to fight against diseases. There are two types of blood cells in our body – red blood cells ie RBC and white blood cells ie WBC. If the white blood cells become strong then the body’s ability to fight against external diseases also increases. The consumption of Giloy also strengthens the white blood cells of our body. Therefore, Giloy is effective in boosting the immunity of the body and it reduces the risk of infection in the body.

How to use Giloy – You should thoroughly clean the Giloy leaves and grind them and make the juice, and then consume this juice daily. Regular intake of Giloy juice increases the immunity of our body and many diseases including viral infections like colds and colds. There is also a rescue.


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