Bring Hyundai Santro car home by paying 52 thousand rupees down payment, EMI will have to be filled


Hyundai Santro Era Executive: A customer pays attention to many aspects before buying a new car. There are many types of questions in the mind of a customer before investing his thick and hard-earned money. For example, which company to buy a car and which budget segment will be better.

Hyundai is one of the second-highest selling car company in the country. If you are thinking of buying a Hyundai car, then the Centro can be a better option. The starting price of this car starts at 4.63 lakhs.

If you are thinking of buying a Centro car on EMI then it is necessary to know first how much downpayment and EMI you have to pay. By taking a car on EMI, you can repay the loan by paying a small amount every month.

Hyundai Santro Era Executive (Petrol) model so EMI on a loan term of five years: The price of this car is 4.63 lakh rupees. If you take a loan under a term of five years, you will have to make a total downpayment of Rs 52 thousand.

Your loan amount will be Rs 4,69,378, which will attract a 9.8% interest rate. In this way, you have to pay a total of Rs 5,95,620 in five years. That is, you have to pay Rs 1,26,242 as interest out of this total amount.

Let us tell you that Santro, the popular hatchback car of Hyundai, the country’s second-largest car manufacturer, is also available in the market with a CNG kit. The company gets a 3-cylinder engine of 1.1 liter capacity in this car. In such a situation, if you buy this car, it can prove to be quite beneficial.

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