Can you believe there is a mysterious village where only dwarfs lived


We all have heard the stories of Gulliver’s travel in our Childhood and you will also remember the story when Gulliver reached an island named Lilliput. There he was taken captive by people of 15 cm length and in childhood we used to be surprised to see how dwarf people look like and we all believed that there is nothing like dwarfs in this world but there is such story related to dwarfs.

They live in a village in Iran about 150 years ago and the name of the village is ‘Makhnik’ which is about 75 kilometers from the Iran-Afganistan border and it is said that present the people of Iran lived in this village about 50 centimeters shorter than the average length. During the excavation in 2005, a mummy was found from this village which was only centimeters in length and after seeing this mummy it became strong that dwarf people lived in this village.

Makhunik is a remote dry area of Iran and here only a few items grew up like barley, turnip, plum and date. The people of this region could not get the nutritious elements needed for the development of the body and this was the reason that the physical development of the people was not good. There were two hundred houses in this ancient village and the height and length of the houses are too short that there only dwarf people can live.

However this situation of this village is has changed to a great extent and this village also has been connected to other areas of Iran but still, life is not easy here and due to drought there is very little cultivation here. The women living in the village do weaving here and apart from this, they have no work and the life of the people here depend on the subsidy from the government.

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