Can you imagine a baby girl is born with Batman mask birthmark


You must have seen many times of birthmarks, every birthmark is different but what if this birthmark gives you the tag of a superhero? A similar case has happened in Florida, a baby girl was born with unusual spots and her parents were shocked to see it but people made her a superhero.

These days, one such news is making a lot of headlines on social media. Recently a baby girl named Luna was born, whom the world is calling a superhero because the birthmark is seen on her face, not on her body. His birthmark is like a mask of Batsman.

Although it is seen that some mothers do not take these marks seriously, but Luna’s mother takes her daughter’s scars seriously and moves from Florida to Russia in search of the best surgeon.

The mark on the baby’s face is innate Melanocytes nevus and this cause abnormal stains and spots in the skin, which are formed from pigment-forming cells called Melanocytes. According to the media reports, Luna’s parents found a Russian surgeon to treat her daughter. According to the reports, surgeons will use a “Photodynamic Therapy” to treat Luna’s giant Melanocytes nevus and 6 to 8 surgeries will be done in the next 18 months.

Luna’s mother Carol told the media “My last ultrasound before Luna was born was normal.” When Luna was given on my lap she was completely healthy, but she had this giant spot on her face which covered one-third of her face, so I was nervous to see this stain on my 7-month-old daughter’s face. It also took doctors a long time to understand this but people called his stain like a mask of Batman called her a superhero.


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