Can you imagine this church is decorated with human bones


Generally, flowers or other decorative things are used to decorate any place, whether it is a temple, mosque or church but do you know there is also a church in the world that is decorated with human skeletons and bones. It is considered a very scary and mysterious church, but in spite of this millions of people come here to visit, more than two lakh people visit this unique church annually.The name of this church is Sedlec Ossuary, which is in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. It is said that the bones of 40 thousand to 70 thousand people have been used to decorate this church. Everything from the roof to the chandelier are made from human bones. This is the reason why it is also known as ‘Church of Bones’. This church was built about 150 years ago in 1870. Actually, there is a very mysterious reason behind decorating this church with human bones. In 1278, King Ottoman II of Bohemia sent a saint named Henry to Jerusalem, the holy land of Christians. Jerusalem is called the workplace of Jesus Christ, he was also crucified here.

It is said that when the saints who went to Jerusalem returned, they also brought with them a jar full of holy soil and put that soil on top of a cemetery. It has since become a favorite burial place for people. Due to the sacred soil in the cemetery, people wanted them to be buried there after death and this started happening. Meanwhile, in the 14th century, the ‘Black Death’ epidemic spread, due to which a large number of people died. They were also buried in the same cemetery in Prague, where the sacred soil was poured. In addition, thousands of people were killed and buried there in the Bohemia war in the early 15th century.

Now there is no space left in the cemetery due to the large number of people buried. So their skeletons and bones were removed and the church was decorated with them. This church became famous all over the world and a large number of people started visiting it.


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